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5 Things You Wish You Could Tell Your Fertile Friends

A blog by Chelsea Ritchie, February 11, 2015

Ever been there? That place, that moment, when you look around the room and realize you are the only person without kids? The conversation drifts in and out as you refresh your thinking, “was up all night with johnny .. so tired .. love when they snuggle all morning … watched too much tv yesterday with them … need a night out … love them more than I knew was possible … love the boppy, although I would recommend … ” You catch snippets of conversation, knowing that you have nothing to offer and for just a moment, you want to weigh in and let your friends know these 5 things …

Keep Dreaming

A blog by ChelseaRitchie, January 7, 2015

Dreams are powerful. Not just the big, fluffy goals type of dreams. Real dreams. The kind where your head hits the pillow, the stories play out in your mind and then you wake up, replaying the world you were just in.

Fertility Nurse of the Month: Dawn Estall, R.N.

“Mrs. Dawn Estall exudes patience and professionalism in the face of adversity with tense, frustrated patients. She calmly guides the patients through the medical maze of donor egg and gestational carriers. These patients have encountered many frustrations on their path to parenthood and Dawn is a saving grace.” Fertility Nurse of the Month Nomination for Dawn Estall

Commercial Egg Banks for Donor Egg IVF

March 18, 2013

An article published in the journal, Fertility and Sterility, estimates that with current techniques for egg freezing, frozen donor eggs are becoming widely available for donor egg in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles through commercial egg banks across the United States.

In 2012, ASRM lifted the “experimental” title from the egg freezing procedure when used for medical reasons. This is due to advancements like vitrification and an improved freezing medium. Emerging data shows that pregnancy success rates with frozen donor eggs are comparable to fresh donor eggs. Combined with the added benefit of freedom to cycle at the recipient’s convenience, commercial egg banks are likely to become a popular option for obtaining donor eggs.

Discount Fertility Treatment Program for Self-Pay Patients

FertilityAuthority,  Mar 23, 2013

A company that provides infertility management programs for employers and insurers has recently announced a new discount program for self-pay fertility patients: the WINFertilitySM Quality Discount Treatment Program.

Minneapolis, MN

There are five fertility clinic located in Minnesota, two of which are located in the city of Minneapolis.

Minneapolis, MN, Videos

In order to analyze the sperm, a sperm analysis can be done several times to ensure accuracy of the test results. If there is a reproductive issue with the male, time is a dependent factor on prospective treatment for the couple, explains Dr. Seth Levrant who participates in the clinic Partners in Reproductive Health in Munster, IN and Tinley Park, IL.

Dr. Richard Paulson, a fertility doctor with USC Fertility in Los Angeles explains how the hormones estrogen and progesterone can prepare the uterine lining for implantation of an embryo, even in women who have had ovarian failure or in menopause.

UCSF's Dr. Evelyn Mok-Lin discusses the role of egg freezing today.

Minneapolis, MN, in The News

Focus on Health: Acupuncture to Improve Fertility

Fox 21 News,  Nov 23, 2010
fertility news.jpg
Acupuncture to help get pregnant and have a healthier pregnancy

If you have trouble conceiving, months can become years. Now, more women are turning to ancient Chinese medicine for help, with beautiful results.

When Duluthian Rececca Katz Harwood wanted to get pregnant she thought the calendar might be her greatest challenge.

"It's interesting being over 35. I felt like that was actually more stressed to me about this is going to be your obstacle in terms of getting pregnant."

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Minneapolis Attorneys Offer Legal Assistance in Building Families

Attorney 2.jpg
Find an experienced attorney when using ART

Fertility treatments that utilize third parties, such as egg donors and surrogates, are among the most legally complex. They bring up a variety of new legal issues. Attorneys are now specializing in this emerging field of law, which is called Family Building Law or Reproductive Technology Law.

Minneapolis Infertility Support

A therapist or counselor can provide valuable support during infertility

Going through infertility treatments is emotionally trying. You may experience a wide range of emotions, including anger, fear, guilt, hopelessness, depression, and sadness. Your fertility treatments may also cause friction in your relationship, especially if you and your partner don’t agree about the extent or cost of the treatments.

Infertility Insurance in Minnesota

Insurance 3.jpg
Minnesota does note require insurance coverage for infertility

Fertility treatments can become costly, especially since multiple treatments or cycles are often needed. Many couples looking to their insurance to cover some of the costs are out of luck.


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