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What Characteristics Should I Look for in an Egg Donor?

You may consider a physical match or certain academic criteria when choosing your egg donor. Dr. Frederick Licciardi, with New York University Fertility Center, talks about your expectations and the realities related to an egg donor's characteristics.

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Low Cost No Stim IVF/M


In a standard IVF cycle, a woman’s ovaries are stimulated with fertility drugs to produce multiple follicles. Mature eggs are retrieved, fertilized in the lab and a resulting embryo or embryos are transferred back to the uterus. Not only are there IVF protocols using different fertility drugs and additional procedures (PGS, ICSI) there are variations on standard IVF, including IVM, in vitro maturation.

What Really Motivates Women to Freeze Their Eggs?

October 19, 2013

A study presented this week at the International Federation of Fertility Societies (IFFS) and American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) joint conference examined motivations behind fertility preservation; what drives women to freeze their eggs (an elective procedure)?

Why a Male Fertility Evaluation Could Benefit His Overall Health

October 9, 2013

Infertility is often a symptom of an underlying health condition. For women, conditions like PCOS or Hypothalamic Amenorrhea result in anovulation and could be indicative of endocrine system hormone imbalances. Sometimes balancing diet and exercise can restore a woman’s menstrual cycle.

As it turns out, this concept also applies to men. Male factor infertility is responsible for about half of all infertility cases, and as many as 40% of infertility cases are the combined result of both male factor and female factor infertility. It is important for men and couples to be educated on male factor infertility and to seek an evaluation to rule out hormone imbalances resulting from poor diet and lack of exercise, cancers, or other underlying health conditions which manifest through poor sperm quality or quantity.

Sperm Aspiration Techniques for Treating Male Factor Infertility

For a couple trying to conceive, a diagnosis like azoospermia (no sperm in ejaculate) or oligospermia (low concentration of sperm in ejaculate) can be very devastating. Fortunately, there are technologies available to help retrieve sperm to be used in an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Celebrities, NASDAQ Calling Much-Needed Attention to Infertility

August 14, 2013

There seems to be a direct correlation between the number of celebrities talking about their infertility struggles and the greater acceptance of IVF and fertility treatment. For years, couples have kept their visits to the fertility doctor under wraps due to the taboo of being labeled ‘infertile’. With the timing of Jimmy Fallon’s announcement that daughter, Winnie Rose, was born via surrogate after nearly five years of infertility treatment, miscarriage, and heartache, fertility treatment discussions have become all the rage!

Egg Donation-Where There Are Real Choices

Source: Center for Human Reproduction
Dr. Norbert Gleicher, founder of the Center For Human Reproduction in New York City, explains the process of egg donation from the couples' perspective, how patients find egg donors and criteria they use in choosing an egg donor.

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High FSH and Fertility

What are effects of high FSH on fertility and fertility treatment? Dr. Norbert Gleicher, a fertility doctor and founder of the Center for Human Reproduction in New York, NY, explains the role of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) in a woman's reproductive cycle, what various FSH levels indicate, and whether there are effective treatments for diminished ovarian reserve.

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IVF-In Vitro Fertilization

Source: Center for Human Reproduction
Dr. David Barad, a New York City fertility doctor, who practices with the Center for Human Reproduction, provides a thorough overview of IVF. Dr. Barad explains how IVF works, what conditions it helps treat, the importance of individualization with IVF, and what makes one IVF center different from another.

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Source: Center for Human Reproduction
What is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and how is it diagnosed and treated? Dr. Norbert Gleicher, a New York City fertility doctor and founder of the Center for Human Reproduction, provides an overview of PCOS, how it impacts a woman's fertility, and treatment for PCOS.

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