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Embryo Donation

Written in Partnership with Dr. Ernest Zeringue, California IVF Fertility Center, California Conceptions

You may think of embryo donation as a treatment using cryopreserved embryos that remain from another couple’s IVF cycle. But the California Conceptions embryo donation program is a different model. These embryos are created from donor sperm from a sperm bank and donor egg from a woman in their program who elects to donate to multiple recipients in the program.

Costs of Egg Donation in California

Written in Partnership with Dr. Ernest Zeringue, California IVF Fertility Center

Egg donation in California can cost up to $30,000. Fortunately, patients who are looking for savings have found success with the shared donor program at California IVF in Davis, CA. The costs for egg shared egg donation at California IVF are $16,000 to $20,000, similar to the cost of IVF and medications for a woman in her late 30s and older.

Egg Freezing

Written in Partnership with Dr. Ernest Zeringue, California IVF Fertility Center

Egg freezing offers the opportunity to preserve a woman’s fertility for a variety of reasons. A woman who wishes to delay child bearing until a later time in life may elect to freeze eggs so the impact of age no longer continues to lower her chances of having a baby. Women facing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation may also wish to freeze eggs; the toxic effects of these treatments can render her incapable of producing healthy eggs.

Egg freezing has been evolving over the last several years. According to Dr. Ernest Zeringue, infertility specialist and founder of California IVF Fertility Center, “Due to our unique methods of testing and fine tuning our cryopreservation (freezing) techniques we have been able to freeze and thaw eggs with the same rate of blastocyst development as our fresh eggs.”

Fertility Doctor of the Month: Michael J. Murray, M.D.

Michael J. Murray, MD., Northern California Fertility Medical Center

April 2013

Dr. Michael J. Murray is a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist with Northern California Fertility Medical Center, a private fertility practice in Roseville, CA. He is a clinician and a surgeon, and has won several grants and awards for his research. Fertility Authority is pleased to recognize Dr. Murray as Fertility Doctor of the Month.

Video: Should I Choose Egg Donation or Adoption?

How do you know if egg donation or adoption is the right family building option for you? Dr. Michael Murray of Northern California Fertility Medical Center explains egg donation and adoption.

Video Transcript

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Sacramento, CA

There are 63 fertility clinics located in the state of California, with four of them located in the Sacramento metropolitan area.

Sacramento, CA, Videos

Dr. Richard Grazi from Genesis Fertility discusses when minimal stimulation IVF is the right treatment. Since minimal stimulation IVF, does not require the woman to fully stimulate, this for some is the best treatment.

Dr. Anate Brauer from Greenwich Fertility Center discusses when it is time to see a fertility specialist instead of your OBGYN. When assessing fertility, your OBGYN can only do so much, where as the fertility doctor is trained to find underlying conditions and reasons for infertility.

Dr. Bruce Albrecht from Albrecht Women's Care talks about PGS. He talks about the advantages that PGS has including, a decreased amount of time that it takes to get pregnant as well as reducing the rate of miscarriages due to since the genetically abnormal embryos are not implanted.

Sacramento, CA, in The News

Sperm Gene May Explain Some Male Infertility

Time,  July 20, 2011
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A mutation in a gene for a sperm-related protein found in 20% of men may be responsible for a significant proportion of unexplained male infertility, according to researchers at University of California-Davis. They studied the impact of the gene, called DEFB126, in 500 Chinese newlyweds attempting to start a family. In couples where the man had two copies of the mutant version, the odds of childbirth in any given month were reduced by 30% and the average time to conception was delayed by two months compared to couples in which the male had only one or no copies of the aberrant gene.

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Avoiding Ethical Quandaries in Embryo Donation

Time,  April 27, 2011
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When it's most successful, in vitro fertilization, or IVF, yields far more embryos than a couple could ever use (unless that couple is the offspring-obsessed Duggar family). There are frequently frozen embryos left over, and the options for what to do with them are limited: destroy them, donate them to research — or, rarely, to other couples — or continue storing them in liquid nitrogen for a fee. There is very little consistency in terms of how fertility clinics ask patients for their preference.



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