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Infertility and Mother's Day Coping Strategies

Celebrating your own mom may work, but if not, take a day for yourself

Sunday is Mother’s Day. Unlike Valentine’s Day, which focuses on the couple, this commercialized day can be one of the hardest days for a woman coping with infertility.

“Mother’s Day can be a double whammy,” says Andrea Mechanick Braverman, Ph.D., a Pennsylvania health psychologist who specializes in infertility counseling. “Another anniversary of a year gone by without a baby — and a holiday that specifically excludes you.”

What Does Today’s Mom Look Like?

A new report by the CDC shows that women are delaying childbearing to pursue their careers and other endeavors. Given that women are more likely to become first-time moms over the age of 35, what does today's mom look like and what implications do these trends have on fertility?

Five Ways Motherhood Has Changed

May 10, 2013

It’s not your mother’s Mother’s Day. In 2013, the demands on women - financially, personally and career-related – are greater than ever. Dr. Angie Beltsos, Medical Director of Fertility Centers of Illinois, recognizes that women today face different challenges and opportunities on the path to parenthood than their mothers did. She outlines five ways motherhood has changed:

It's Payback Time!

Sweet revenge on all of the mothers you know so well

a blog by Lori Shandle-Fox, Laughing IS Conceivable, May 20, 2011

So, Mother's Day is long gone. If by chance you're still stinging from it, and I certainly hope you aren't ... just remember, there's always one thing you can rely on in these trying infertile moments:


Some of us probably got through Mother's Day more gracefully than others. It doesn't really matter — whether you ate some chocolate, burned some bridges, walked away from family plans, stormed out of them, sucked it up with a big smile or told people to "screw off."

'Jeez, It Took You Long Enough'

older parents.JPG
Insensitive mother-in-law can ruin the first Mother's Day

a blog by Alec, May 12, 2011

Happy Mothers Day to all of the Wannabe Moms who recently made it to the other side. Unfortunately, this story is of a first Mothers Day; wrecked by one, well-placed, insensitive comment.

It's not unusual to find impatient Wannabe Moms and Dads, but when that impatience spreads to the rest of the family, only bad things can happen.

A Mother's Day Catch-22

hearts in sky.jpg
Celebrating the personal may give you more control during the holiday

a blog by CGD, May 6, 2011

Recently, I was on the phone with my mother. We were discussing what to do this year for Mother’s Day. Without me asking, she gave me an out, telling me that I don’t have to be there this year given everything that is going on.

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