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What to Expect in 2012 Fertility TV and Movies

a blog by Infertile Naomi, January 8, 2012

Welcome to 2012.

Rumor has it that sometime this year, the apocalypse might occur, Kim Kardashian might re-marry and break it off after 71 days, Justin Bieber might father another illegitimate child, and Jennifer Aniston might sport a baby bump. In the celebrity world, it’s going to be a busy year.

As for new television and movies coming in 2012, here’s what we can expect:

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A friend inside your computer!

February 2010

We were tickled when a nomination for Pamela's blog came showed up in our inbox because we've been fans of hers for ages! What we love about Pam is that she's out there speaking for the average woman struggling with fertility challenges. Honest, compassionate and forthright, she's a strong advocate but also down-to-earth and approachable. We're proud to feature her as one of our favorite bloggers!

Author: Pamela Tsigdinos

Featured Fertility Blog: Dreams and False Alarms

Whip smart and funny, without being maudlin.

We love Sarah because she is whip smart and funny without being maudlin. Dealing with several fertility issues, she's now looking to donor egg. Her thoughtful and always honest discussion of her experiences and the decisions that led to each step in treatment make this an incredibly useful blog for anyone going through a similar thought process around what to do next. Thank you Sarah for your great work!!

Dreams and False Alarms
Author: Sarah

What got you started blogging?

Featured Blog: the state that i am in

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Heart-warming, compassion all in a snazzy design!

We love Erin most especially for her The Face of Infertility series (she talks about it below), which is so emblematic of her compassionate sharing of herself for the greater community. Her generosity is apparent, too, in her interview below where she gives some great advice and tons of encouragement!! Plus there is a true warm-your-heart moment in her answer to our last question.

Erin is a long-time blogger (since 2004!) and has most of her archives up so pour yourself a cup of tea and indulge yourself in reading her story.

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Featured Blog: Fertility Chick

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Humor, great information and tons of support!

Each week we'll be highlight the blogs you love! Today we've got a blog that's sure to light up your day. Fertility Chick isn't going to let PCOS and male factor infertility get her down! Her wry sense of humor and tons of compassion make her one of our favorite blogs!

Fertility Chick: Infertility, PCOS, and my attempt to spawn life
Author: Fertility Chick

What got you started blogging?

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Featured Blog: The Fertility Advocate

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Pamela Madsen writes one of our favorite blogs!

Each week we'll be highlight the blogs you love! Our first blog in the series received many nominations all of which spoke about author Pamela Madsen's "fearlessness" in her work to support men and women who are struggling with fertility challenges. We are proud to feature Pam's fantastic blog, The Fertility Advocate as our first Favorite Blog!

The Fertility Advocate
Author: Pamela Madsen

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