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Win Mind-Body Products from Circle and Bloom

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Do you want to demystify the way we use mind-body science and put the power of health into your own hands? Start being proactive today.

NOW through AUGUST 9th, FertilityAuthority is giving away your choice of four mind-body CD programs donated by Circle and Bloom.

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Giveaway: VitaClay Slow Cooker!

healthy and convenient!

In honor of Cindy Bailey's new Eating to Conceive column, we're giving away a gorgeous VitaClay Rice and Slow Cooker with a $140 value!

What sets the VitaClay line apart from other slow cookers and rice cookers is the all-natural liner made of unglazed Zisha clay. Not only does it enhance the full flavor and texture of food, it helps retain juices and nutrients and is free of the metals and chemicals typically found in glazes and non-stick coatings.

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Giveaway: Love and Infertility

Our Valentine's Giveaway!

We're giving away a signed copy of the 2009 Hope Award for Best Book: Love and Infertility: Survival Strategies for Balancing Infertility, Marriage, and Life by our own Kristen Magnacca!

Tomorrow I'll be posting some thoughts from Kristen but today it's all about the giveaway!

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Whip It Winner!

Congrats to Mostly-Mommy

Congratulations to Katie at Mostly-Mommy who is the winner for our Whip It Giveaway!

You guys gave some great answers and my Netflix queue is well stocked! I forgot how many movies Dee was in!

Stay tuned for next month's giveaways by bookmarking our Giveaway page or subscribing to the Daily Shot to get updates in your email box!

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Whip It Giveaway

Win a copy of this feel good movie!

Sometimes you need to do something fun to take your mind off your TTC worries. And what could be better than a girl-power, friendship-celebrating, feel good movie? Because we know that everyone needs a great popcorn chick-flick, we're giving away a DVD copy of Whip It, the rocking roller derby comedy from Drew Barrymore starring Ellen Page.

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