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What Is ‘Womb Scratching,’ and Does It Help You Get Pregnant?

Womb Scratching

a blog by Laurence A. Jacobs, M.D., Fertility Centers of Illinois, August 1, 2016
Many times, IVF or IUI fails because the endometrium is not receptive for embryo implantation. There is a technique that I have been using in my practice for years in order to help women with this problem

Implantation Failure No Longer a “Black Box”

fertility doctor

Written in Partnership with Dr. Michael Feinman, HRC Fertility, December 14, 2015

By definition, IVF failure represents implantation failure. It is also reasonable to assume that longstanding unexplained infertility also represents a form of implantation failure. It is likely that over time, eggs are getting fertilized and embryos are reaching the uterus, and these embryos are failing to implant due to egg or sperm issues, or the uterine environment.

While much of implantation continues to be a mystery, it is no longer a “black box.” In fact, there has been enough progress to justify some testing in women who have repeated IVF failures and infertility that does not respond to conventional treatment.

Five Tests to Identify the Cause of IVF Implantation Failure

Written in Partnership with HRC Fertility, July 23, 2015

Recurrent IVF failure is a real challenge for patients and their doctors. However, there are several tests that can help explain the nature of embryo implantation failure and lead to a successful pregnancy. According to Dr. Michael A. Feinman, a fertility doctor with HRC Fertility, a uterine evaluation should be done prior to an IVF cycle, and it’s important to look into the other potential causes of implantation failure after two failed IVF cycles.

Is Implantation Failure Affecting Your IVF Cycle?

“Recurrent implantation failure has been the “black box” of reproduction,” says reproductive endocrinologist Dr. John Couvaras. The fact that 88 percent of IVF cycles would progress to embryo transfer but result in a positive pregnancy rate no higher than 50 percent, and an even lower live birth rate, has stymied many clinicians for years, and intrigued them to look for answers, Couvaras adds.

Scheduling a Second Opinion with A Fertility Doctor

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,” the saying goes. When it comes to fertility treatment, that certainly may be the case. Depending on your infertility diagnosis and age, your treatment might start with the oral fertility drug, Clomid, or assisted reproductive technology such as IVF, or third party reproduction such as donor eggs.

If At First You Don't Succeed

Failed IVF
Failure After IVF

Failure after IVF is devastating for many patients. A cycle of IVF requires work, effort, money, and most of all it engenders hope - hope for success that results in the delivery of a healthy, child. So, when IVF fails, it raises the question of why? Sometimes, there will be clear-cut reason but often there is no answer.

Infertility IS Hell

a blog by Genna Banafato, June 20, 2013

Infertility is hell. There, I said it. Every person will travel through it differently, but I think you would be hard pressed to find one infertile who smiled and said, "Nah, that was a piece of cake. I can't wait to do that again." There are a lot of references to hell in pop culture, from movies like the Robin Williams "What Dreams May Come", where each person's hell is individual based on their experiences. In classical music, such as NIght on Bare Mountain by Mussorgsky. In Disney, with various scenes from Fantasia. Yep - even Mickey has gotten his hell on. And don't forget about television. Buffy has been to more hell dimensions than probably any other fictional character.

Then there's literature, and within literature, Dante. The "Divine Comedy", Dante's Inferno, is likely the most well known written vision of hell. What does this do with Infertility, you may ask? Trust me, I'm getting there.

What are the Options for Women with Multiple Failed Cycles?

Dr. Bruce Shapiro, of The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, explains how fertility doctors treat patients after multiple failed cycles by addressing abnormal embryo-endometrial synchrony or abnormalities of an embryo.

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What is Unexplained Implantation Failure and How is it Treated?

If you've experienced Unexplained Implantation Failure, you may be searching for information and treatment options. Dr. Jay Schinfeld of Abington Reproductive Medicine explains the diagnosis and how it is treated.

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