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Five Things That Helped Me Cope With Infertility

A blog by Stephanie Levich, Family Match Consulting, May 29, 2015

Even though I had worked in the fertility field for over a decade before I found out that I too needed help to have a baby, I still was completely overwhelmed and frankly pretty devastated. But thankfully, IVF was my savior and now I've made it my mission to help others get through this crazy roller coaster ride we call infertility. Here are five things I did that helped me cope through my personal journey.

Let's Start Talking More About Infertility

A blog by Amira Posner, Healing Infertility, April 8, 2015
At my last Mind Body Fertility Support Group, two women recognized each other from their workplace. At first, they looked at each other with eyes of dismay. Not for one second had it occurred to either of them that somebody else in their workplace was experiencing the same problems as each had encountered. But, by the sixth week of group the two women were coming together from work, sitting beside each other and supporting one another like best friends. Their initial dismay turned into compassion when they were able to bond through the common experience of struggling to conceive. This story should not be so surprising. When you think about the fact that 1 in 6 couples struggle with infertility, you likely know someone that it is affected.

Loving Kindness During Infertility

A blog by Amira Posner, Healing Infertility, March 5, 2015

Taking care of oneself during times of stress is one of the most important, yet sometimes the most difficult thing to do. Going through infertility can be an emotionally stressful time, but taking ownership over the things we can control is a very effective way of cultivating loving kindness.

Moving Forward After a Negative Pregnancy Test

A blog by Amira Posner, Healing Infertility, February 18, 2015

Getting a negative result on a pregnancy test is upsetting, especially if it's not your first try. You wait two long weeks to determine if the process took and then see only one line or read “not pregnant.” If you are doing fertility treatment, this negative result can sometimes get internalized making you feel like you want to crawl right back into bed.

All You Need Is Love…Kinda

a blog by Maya Moskin, February 12, 2015
For the years I spent battling infertility, Valentine’s Day, and any annual holiday, just marked another year lost to trying to figure out how we were going to start a family. I always tired to feel love and gratitude for all that I had, but when there is a key ingredient missing— a baby— sometimes I just felt sad. These kinds of feelings are completely normal but there are a few things that helped me embrace the pink and red hearts and fill my own heart with love that I knew I would one day be able share with my baby.

6 Coping Techniques for Handling Jealousy with Infertility

A blog by Amira Posner, Healing Infertility, January 27, 2015
Jealousy is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with when struggling with infertility. It is extremely common to feel jealous when you desire something that you do not have, and then to see those around you with the very thing you want so badly. It can be extremely painful. Explore these six coping strategies to help you manage and understand jealousy during infertility.

The Waiting Game

The infertility waiting game is brutal with a capital B!

A blog by Alexis DelChiaro, January 15, 2014

I am stuck. I am stuck dead center in the middle of infertility No Man's Land.

Dear Santa, I Would Like a Baby for Christmas

A blog by Alexis DelChiaro, December 24, 2014

Dear Santa,

It's been a while since I've written a letter to you on Christmas. The last time I remember reaching out was sometime in the 80's when all I wanted was a pair of hot pink and white roller skates. I wrote you a letter in my fanciest Magic Marker penmanship and left you a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. The next morning as I furiously unwrapped packages in pristine red and green paper, you did not let me down Santa. Those beautiful new roller skates under my Douglas Fir were proof that Christmas is truly magical.

Surviving the Holidays on Infertility Island

a blog by Maya Moskin, December 17, 2014

The holidays can be a rough time for anyone stuck living with infertility. I know because I was sequestered to IF Island for four years, and for two of those years, the holidays came just after the heartbreak of unsuccessful IVF cycles.

Bearing The Cost of Infertility

a blog by Maya Moskin, November 14, 2014

Anyone who has been sequestered to IF Island knows that it comes with a huge cost, and I don’t just mean financially. Coping with the physical, emotional and financial cost of infertility treatments can be brutal. Below are some tips and strategies to help deal with the various “costs” of living on IF Island:


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