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Starting Over

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A new year of hoping for a baby.

a blog by liz

I started 2009 with hope. A lot of hope.

After two years with no conception, 2009 was the year that doctors were going to take me seriously; the year that I was going to have medical intervention; the year I thought I’d get pregnant – maybe even give birth.

But it didn’t happened like that.

In January I discovered that I had to go on birth control for six months to try and sort out a dodgy womb lining. So immediately I knew the chances of a 2009 baby had passed. But, I reasoned, I still had every chance of a pregnancy.

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This Time of Year

A time to reflect; a time to look forward

a blog by lashaundra

It goes without saying, the holidays are an especially hard time of year for many couples who are trying to conceive. Many times it’s not just attending holiday parties where children will be present, or going home for the holidays where you and your spouse are the only family members without children. For some couples, the dreaded month of December means another year has ended and still no baby.

A new year is about to begin and the question, “Will this be the year it finally happens?” overwhelms your mind. Unfortunately, there is no crystal ball that can answer that question.

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When Infertility and the Holidays Collide

Even the best-organized, infertility-fighting diplomat can be put to the test.

a blog by pamela tsigdinos

This time of year typically gets associated with turkeys, holiday trimmings and deciding how to divide time among the relatives and friends who all feel curiously compelled to see each other in the last five weeks of the year. Toss in some infertility and stand back.

Yes, we’re looking at a recipe for stress, even for the best organized and well-adjusted, infertility-fighting diplomat, cook, or shopper. The usual challenges – playing chicken in the parking lot or fighting microboredom as we wait in endless department stores lines – seem positively quaint when there’s a bigger conflict looming.

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Are You in the Infertility Closet?

You may be missing out on support from unlikely sources.

a blog by murgdan

Sometimes I’m thankful I remained, for the most part, inside the infertility closet. Sometimes I’m not. Staying in the closet was completely unnatural for me, as I generally find myself in the “over-sharing about life” category. But alas, it was not my closet alone. I shared this closet with my husband, and he is a remarkably private person.

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Dealing with a Failed Cycle?

Here's why you should remain hopeful.

a blog by tori

This is a blog I had hoped I would never have to write. One I’d been fearing. One about a failed cycle. Even more so, I had hoped to never have to write about multiple failed cycles. And yet here I am. Here a lot of us are. Wondering why? Why -- when they’ve identified the problem and fixed it -- are we still not pregnant?

I recently found out that my donor IUI (DIUI) cycle number two was not successful. I will say that I definitely took it better this month than I did last month (meaning I didn’t cry for hours and participate in a total two day pity party). Although I had hoped, and prayed, and tried to will this cycle to be “the one,” I prepared myself for it to be negative, and when it was, it wasn’t such a bulldozer of emotions. Part of this has to do with the things I have been reminding myself to be thankful for over the past month.

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Coping with Infertility

<b>Take control when you can & realize those feelings are <em>normal</em>.</b>

Infertility is a life crisis. Understanding medical tests and treatments and facing medical expenses can be difficult. Your life plan and your body may feel out of your control while you strive to build your family. Life goes into a holding pattern.

Coping Mechanisms

Two Word that Hit One Nerve


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Oct. 26, 2009

The New York Times advice column, Social Q's, recently published a question about sharing pregnancy news. The inquirer asked if she should lie to her infertile friend about how quickly she conceived. The columnist advised her to tell the truth, saying "That's life."

Baby Showers: Attend or Pretend?

<b>You're invited to another one (ugh). What will you do?</b>

a blog by LaShaundra Seale

Battling the infertility monster can place you in many awkward positions. And,no, I'm not talking about standing on your head after intercourse to "make it stick." (That doesn't seem to work anyway.) I'm referring to attending baby showers.

This rite of passage is up there with bridal showers, weddings, and graduations. Most of us can attend the latter two without any problem. But attending a baby shower is especially difficult.

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Love Strengthened by Loss

<b>How Disney Pixar's animated movie Up gets infertility right.</b>

a blog by Pamela Tsigdinos

I'm an easy mark when it comes to poignant stories - a regular waterworks. Books, films, commercials, magazine articles, blog entries - you name it - if the narrative contains even the remotest heart-tugging element, I can be found rummaging for a tissue.

One recent film left me especially verklempt as it evoked an all-too-familiar ache. So what was the movie behind the mangled tissue? Up.

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You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

<b>Unbelievable things we've subjected ourselves to in the name of fertility.</b>

a blog by Joy and Jim Meyers


When I think back to all the things we’ve tried in the name of fertility, I have to laugh. I wouldn’t normally describe myself as a risk taker. In general, I’m pretty fearful of new things. But when I started thinking about how I’ve been handling my fertility treatment, I guess I’ve been pretty experimental. If something is inexpensive and relatively painless, I’ll consider it. Here’s a little glimpse into a couple of the notable things I’ve tried:

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