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What is an Infertility Support Group Really Like?

During my 6 years of infertility, I have been aware of the existence of therapeutic friendship gatherings, otherwise known as “support groups”. Joining one seemed like it would be a good way to make some infertile friends, but I wasn’t sure what took place during a monthly gathering of supportive interactions.

Give Back to the Infertility Community: National Volunteer Month

a blog by Kim Griffiths, April 16, 2013

April is National Volunteer Month and what better way to celebrate than by dedicating your time to the infertility community? There are several ways you can volunteer in the fertility space whether you prefer to remain anonymous or shout it from the rooftops.

Managing Infertility Stress

Women undergoing infertility treatment report the same level of stress, anxiety, and depression as women who have cancer, HIV, or heart disease. Chronic stress can lead to depression and lower resistance to disease.


Infertility Support in Orange County, CA

Infertility treatments can drain you emotionally, physically and financially. Some women find themselves on a roller coaster of emotions; anger, depression, guilt and helplessness are not uncommon. Many couples don’t find themselves “on the same page” at the same time. For many, infertility support can be invaluable.

Coping with Infertility

Infertility is a life crisis. Understanding medical tests and treatments and facing medical expenses can be difficult. Your life plan and your body may feel out of your control while you strive to build your family.


On Hope, Happiness and Infertility

On Hope, Happiness, and Infertility
Staying Hopeful Through Infertility

a blog by Suzanne Rico, February 6, 2013

I met a woman the other day: forty-two years old, high FSH, a couple of failed IVFs, and sad eyes that I recognized from my days of trying unsuccessfully to have a baby. "How did you stay optimistic?" she wanted to know, her desperation and frustration reaching out for any kind of lifeline. I looked at her worried, unsmiling face, remembering those years where optimism often seemed a slippery slope for the foolish or naive, and my eyes teared up. With my mother now fighting for her life against Stage IV cancer, I have become one of those fools again--the one who, without the luxury of believing in miracles, would crack under the pain and pressure of reality.

Nashville, TN, Infertility Support

Many fertility patients and their partners seek infertility therapy or counseling to help work through the complex feelings and emotions related to infertility. Fear, sadness, anger and anxiety are not uncommon. Couples are often not in agreement on when to start fertility treatment, how long to continue fertility treatment, and fertility treatment costs.

Memphis, TN, Infertility Support

Many women, men and couples find that infertility support, through a counselor or support group, helps to work through emotions related to infertility. Fear, sadness, anger and anxiety often arise. Frequently couples disagree about when to start fertility treatment, how long to continue fertility treatment, and fertility treatment costs.

Fort Worth, Texas, Infertility Support

When you’re having difficulty trying to conceive, a number of emotions related to infertility may surface including fear, sadness, anger and anxiety. It is common for couples to disagree about many aspects of fertility treatment: when to start and how long to continue, as well as fertility treatment costs.

San Jose, CA Infertility Support

Therapy, counseling, or support groups can help you cope with infertility

Infertility can evoke feelings of anger, sadness, and guilt. The infertility journey can be a very isolating experience despite the 7.3 million Americans who are diagnosed with infertility. You may not have any close friends or relatives who have personally experienced infertility and although they mean well, it may feel as though they do not understand what you are going through. As a result, your relationships with family, friends, or even your partner may suffer.


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