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Where to Go for Embryo Donation

If you are interested in donating your embryos or having donor embryos transferred, there are several places you can get started.

Embryo Donation through a Fertility Clinic

Many fertility clinics offer embryo donation as an option. Infertility patients who have gone through in vitro fertilization and have "extra" embryos are given the opportunity to anonymously donate their frozen embryos to couples who have made the decision to use donated embryos.


It’s Important to Have Access to Bio-Parent Information

A blog by Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, July 14, 2015
Embryo adoption agencies have chosen to use the open adoption model for successful matches between donor and adopting families.

Fundraising for Adoption or Infertility

A blog by Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, July 7, 2015

At prices ranging from $10,000 to $15,000, embryo adoption is one of the most affordable alternative methods for building your family. We know what you’re thinking – that’s still a nice chunk of change that you may not have laying around. So how do you pay for it?

The Cost of Embryo Adoption

Embryo Adoption Awareness Center
July 2, 2015

You’ve been dreaming of having children of your own for years, right? Infertility has plagued you and your partner, and you’ve tried almost everything. In researching your options, you may have discovered embryo adoption. But how does the cost of embryo adoption compare to your other options?

What? I Might Have Remaining Embryos after IVF?

A blog by Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, June 30, 2015
Embryo adoption is a low-cost option to IVF and rather than making more embryos, you give life to embryos that another family is offering to you as a gift. This is a great choice, especially if your doctor is suggesting egg donation to create embryos for your IVF.

How Long Does it Take to Adopt an Embryo?

A blog by Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, June 25, 2015
By the time most couples discover embryo adoption, they’ve spent years trying to conceive a baby naturally or through infertility treatments like in vitro fertilization. Many have even tried to have a baby through egg and sperm donation. Some embryo adoption programs have embryos waiting and are frequently able match an adopting family with a donor family within weeks rather than months or even years!

Embryo Donation

Written in Partnership with Dr. Ernest Zeringue, California IVF Fertility Center, California Conceptions

You may think of embryo donation as a treatment using cryopreserved embryos that remain from another couple’s IVF cycle. But the California Conceptions embryo donation program is a different model. These embryos are created from donor sperm from a sperm bank and donor egg from a woman in their program who elects to donate to multiple recipients in the program.

Are We Eligible to Adopt an Embryo?

A blog by Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, April 16, 2015
Embryo adoption is an excellent option for anyone looking to expand their family through alternative methods, especially if you desire to add an infant child to your family. Embryo adoption allows you to experience pregnancy and childbirth! Each fertility clinic and agency that offers embryo donation or adoption develops their own guidelines for who can adopt an embryo. Here's what varies.

Telling Donor Conceived Children their Unique Story

A blog by Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, April 2, 2015

The children you’ve always dreamed of have become a reality – actually running around the house having loads of fun! You hug them, guide them, scold them, love them, and it’s all real.

With help from an egg/sperm/embryo donor your family is a reality, but what should you do about telling your children how they came to be? Here are few tips to consider.

Should Donor Conceived Children have Access to Their Genetic Histories?

A blog by Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, March 19, 2015

When the newest adoption choice of embryo adoption is discovered, people are surprised to learn that the agency is advocating for the use of an open adoption model. Openness is often the thing that is most attractive to families choosing to donate through an embryo adoption program. Openness may be the reason that embryo adoption agencies have embryos waiting for recipient families and fertility clinics have long waiting lists of patients who would like to use anonymously donated embryos.


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