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Faith Salie Takes Charge by Freezing Her Eggs

CBS News,  Oct 10, 2010
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Says ability to better ensure fertility makes her feel like an "Ovary-Achiever"

The Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded this past week to Britain's Robert Edwardsm the man behind in vitro fertilization . . . which brings us to these thoughts from contributor Faith Salie:

Let's talk eggs.

Not the ones on your breakfast plate. No, the ones I have frozen at the NYU Fertility Center.

I want to talk about egg freezing, because I don't think enough young-ish women know about it.


Doctor of the Month: Kevin L. Winslow, M.D.

Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine

August 2010

For his groundbreaking work in fertility preservation, FertilityAuthority recognizes Dr. Kevin L. Winslow as Doctor of the Month. A pioneer in cryopreservation (egg freezing), Dr. Winslow’s practice, Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine has the second highest number of pregnancies from frozen eggs in the United States. To date 65 babies have been born in his practice, the first 13 years ago. Approximately 1,000 babies have been born worldwide from frozen eggs.

Fresh or Frozen Might Not Matter for Donated Eggs,  July 23, 2010
New research suggests frozen eggs may be just as effective

Frozen eggs can be just as effective as fresh eggs for women trying to become pregnant through egg donation, new research suggests.

Women who were implanted with frozen eggs at a Spanish infertility clinic got pregnant at virtually the same rate as women implanted with fresh eggs, the researchers report in the journal Human Reproduction.

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More US Fertility Clinics Now 'Freeze' Eggs

BioNews,  July 12, 2010
News study finds that more than half of US fertility clinics can freeze eggs.

More than half of US fertility clinics are now prepared to 'freeze' eggs, a new study has revealed. This option was traditionally reserved for women undergoing cancer therapy or for other medical reasons, but now two out of every three clinics in the US that provide egg 'freezing' will offer the service to healthy women who simply want to preserve their fertility while delaying childbearing, the study found.


By freezing embryos, couples try to utilize fertility while delaying parenthood

The Washington Post,  July 6, 2010
A couple postpones parenthood with less risk of miscarriage or genetic disorders

When we married in 2001, my husband and I thought about having children someday. It was very important to us, though, that we first be financially stable enough to support them and give them plenty of parenting time.

We were aware of our biological clocks -- who isn't? But before we knew it, we'd been happily married for eight years. I was 30, he was 32, and we still were not ready to be parents. Knowing that time was running out, we resigned ourselves to the fact that we probably would not have children.


At Reproductive Crossroads

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Single and getting older, making decisions about having a baby

a blog by David Kreiner, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., East Coast Fertility, June 14, 2010

Last week, I saw a patient with a question that made me feel like I was responding to a Dear Abby letter. As I pondered my patient's query (one I’d heard so many times before), I thought about how terribly nerve-racking the issue must feel for women.

    Dear Fertility Doc,

    I am 39 years old, single and I enjoy my career. However, I always dreamed I would have children. Unfortunately, I have not yet met a man with whom I would feel comfortable marrying and having a baby. What should I do?

    At Reproductive Crossroads

These issues are universal in my practice: Women have to weigh their desire to have children now rather than delay, using their own eggs versus those of an egg donor, or adopting.

My patient needed to consider the ramifications of taking time off from her career, as well as creating a child with donor sperm. She wanted to know if she were to meet Mr. Right, how would he respond to this child? Were there tests that I could perform to help her make a decision?

What is Vitrification?

New York fertility doctor John Zhang, Founder and Director of New Hope Fertility in New York, explains vitrification, an advanced method to freeze eggs. Egg freezing in the past has been done with a slow freeze protocol. Vitrification is known as a fast freezing protocol, which is safer for the eggs during the freezing and thawing process.

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Couples Wrestle With What to Do With Extra Embryos

by Nancy Cambria,  St. Louis Dispatch,  Feb 14, 2010
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Couples Wrestle With What to Do With Extra Embryos

For the people who create embryos, deciding what to do with those left over from in vitro fertilization can be a decision rife with ethical questions.

They are choices that can arise each year, when parents receive a bill to continue cold storage of the embryos. And the issue arises again when parents write their wills and are asked to decide who will inherit this frozen legacy in a glass pipette.

The options are complicated.

Couples can do what most do and keep the embryos frozen for years.


Egg Freezing and Your Fertility

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Find out more about the process and its success rates.

Egg freezing, called oocyte cryopreservation, holds hope for women facing some types of cancer and/or cancer treatment that may damage their eggs or destroy ovarian function. It can also be an option for women who postpone having children because they haven’t yet found “Mr. Right,” are focused on their careers, or don’t feel their circumstances are ideal for having children.


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