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Discounted Egg Freezing Services for Cancer Patients

For women diagnosed with cancer that may affect their fertility, there is hope: Fertile Hope.

Founded in 2001 by Lindsay Nohr Beck, and now a national LIVESTRONG initiative, Fertile Hope offers discounted treatment and free donated medication for egg freezing and embryo freezing via their financial assistance program. Sperm banking services are also available to male patients.

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Fresh or Frozen? The increase of Egg Freezing as a method for Fertility Preservation for age related Infertility

a blog by Reproductive Medicine Institute- Chicago, September 4, 2013

While Infertility, and Fertility treatments, have long been fodder for the media, suddenly oocyte (egg) freezing is attracting a lot of attention of its own. Sophia Vergara (of ABC’s Modern Family) suggested that she might freeze eggs when asked about her own family plans. And while, freezing eggs for some may be a great option, for Vergara, at age 40 - maybe not so much.

NJ Pharmaceutical Company donates $1M for Fertility Preservation

a blog by Genna Banafato, July 16, 2013

With American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) recently removing the "experimental" tag from egg freezing, many women are turning their eyes to the possibility of preserving their fertility with the new flash freezing technology that removes the possibility of ice crystals in frozen eggs. ASRM encourages proceeding with caution for all but one group, women who want to preserve their fertility due to medical diagnosis that can render them infertile.

Updates in Egg Freezing

Fertility is finite. Women are born with a determined number of eggs. The majority of women have heard these phrases at one point or another and most understand they refer to the decreasing likelihood of getting pregnant as we get older.

Egg Freezing in New York, NY

Where should you go to freeze your eggs in New York City?

For some women, it just isn’t the right time to build a family. Whether you’re facing medical treatment that may harm your egg quality, or you are focusing on other endeavors before trying to conceive, egg freezing might be a good option for you to preserve your fertility.

Should Your Freeze Your Eggs at 40?

February 5, 2013

The media portrays an image of female fertility that extends well beyond the age of 35. Celebrities like Madonna, Salma Hayek, and Mariah Carey have all given birth in their 40s- some naturally and some with the help of assisted reproductive technology (ART). As a result, studies are finding women are grossly misinformed about their fertility, and frequently overestimate the number of reproductive years that lie ahead of them.

Cervical Health Awareness and Your Fertility

January 16, 2013

When it comes to reproductive health, you may not think about your cervix as often as you should. However, approximately 12,000 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed in the United States each year and can lead to cervical infertility, cervical incompetence during pregnancy, or pregnancy loss.

January is Cervical Health Awareness Month, and you owe it to yourself to understand how cervical cancer impacts your fertility.

Egg Freezing in Pittsburgh, PA

Freezing your eggs for fertility preservation in Pittsburgh

Egg freezing allows women with a medical condition like cancer to pursue treatment without risking their ability to have children in the future. Similarly, egg freezing for social reasons allows women to freeze their eggs before the effects of age on fertility have compromised their ovarian reserve.

Egg Freezing in San Jose, CA

Where should you go to freeze your eggs in San Jose, California?

If you are looking to delay childbearing but are concerned with age-associated risks to your fertility, you might consider egg freezing for fertility preservation. Women who have put off family building for social reasons or are about to undergo fertility-compromising medical treatment should talk to an egg freezing specialist.

Egg Freezing in Phoenix, AZ

What you need to know about freezing your eggs in Phoenix, Arizona

Egg freezing, or oocyte cryopreservation, is a viable fertility preservation option for women who are not yet ready to build their family. Women diagnosed with a fertility-compromising medical condition, like cancer, or those who wish to delay family building, but want to optimize their chances for successful family building attempts in the future may undergo egg freezing for fertility preservation.


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