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What Can I Learn about Sperm Donors to Help Me Find the Right Donor for Me?

Some Sperm Banks offer Donor Audio Interviews that provide insightful information into the donor's childhood, aspirations, accomplishments, values, family life, and personal interests in his own words.

Sperm Donor

Dr. Tina Koopersmith from West Coast Women's Reproductive Center discusses why someone might need to use donated sperm.

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The Perfect Sperm Donor?

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It all comes down to the sperm

a blog by Michelle Ottey, PhD, Director of Operations, Fairfax Cryobank and Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc.,

To start, there really is no “perfect” sperm donor, but they come pretty close! When we are recruiting prospective sperm donors we are looking for many physical and personal characteristics that will be appealing to our patients. These traits are variable. When we screen these prospective sperm donors’ specimens, we are strict, precise and hold high standards.

How Are Sperm Donors Screened?

Michelle Ottey at Fairfax Cryobank discusses How to screen Sperm Donors.


Sperm Donation - Finding a Sperm Donor

Donated sperm can be used in a variety of ways to help single women and couples build biological or genetic families.

Who are candidates for donated sperm?

  • Single women and lesbian couples. The sole means for women without male partners to become biological parents is via donated sperm or a donated embryo.
  • Heterosexual couples in which the male is sterile, has a low sperm count or poor sperm quality. In fact, in about 40 percent of infertile couples, the male’s sperm is the sole or contributing factor.

Report Your Pregnancies and Births to the Sperm Bank, Please

a blog by Michelle Ottey, PhD, Laboratory Director for Fairfax Cryobank, July 3, 2014

Sperm banks rely on parents via sperm donation to report successful pregnancies and births to track the number of families attributed to each donor. There are numerous ways to report: call, email, online forms, etc. Almost all sperm banks now have an internal limit on the number of families per donor, but the only reliable way to track that is through recipient self-reporting. Your information is confidential; it will not be released to the donor or anyone else.

Is Donor Sperm Safe?

a blog by Michelle Ottey, PhD, Laboratory Director for Fairfax Cryobank, June 24, 2014

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is, “Is the donor sperm safe?” Women want to ensure that the sperm sample being used for their insemination is safe and will not put them or their potential child at risk.

Results of Jason Patric's Appeal of the Lower Court Decision Denying Him Shared Custody of Gus

A blog by Rhonda Levy, May 15, 2014

Sometimes I hate myself for leaving things to the last minute. But sometimes my tendency to do so turns out to be a blessing in disguise. I had made a commitment to produce this blog for publication on FertilityAuthority today. But when I sat down at my computer to write it at 9 pm last night, I didn't have even the slightest clue what I would write about. In an effort to distract myself from my misery, I began to cruise the Internet and there it was: news about the outcome of Jason Patric's appeal of the trial court decision denying him shared custody of his biological son Gus. I was no longer at a loss for what to write about!

The Right Sperm Donor Match

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When choosing a sperm donor, you are most likely interested in certain characteristics or traits: race, ethnicity, IQ, and eye color for example. And since sperm banks are required to freeze and test sperm for HIV and other transmittable diseases, you can be assured sperm samples are safe and healthy.

Who Are Men that Are Donating Sperm?

Michelle Ottey at Fairfax Cryobank discusses who are the men that are Donating Sperm.



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