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Craving Comfort Food

You can balance your coping behavior

by Kristen Magnacca

Autumn is coming in with a burst of chilly air here on beautiful Cape Cod, and I have noticed a shift already from desiring cucumbers and fresh tomatoes to cooking mashed potato and stuffing…

Eating to Improve Your Uterine Lining

woman bed apple morning.jpg
A good fertility diet can help strengthen and build

Strengthen your uterine lining with diet - Are there foods you can eat to strengthen and build the uterine lining, which would in turn aid with implantation and ongoing pregnancy?

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Is Your Weight Affecting Your Fertility?

A blog by Sarah Clark, May 31, 2016
The statistics don’t lie; moderate weight loss does impact fertility. If you are struggling with ovulatory infertility, according to one study, losing 5% to 10% of your current weight is often enough to improve ovulation.1
This is especially helpful for women with PCOS, as weight loss can help to restore menstruation and ovulation.2

Excess weight can also affect men’s ability to conceive. One study suggested that overweight and obese men are more likely than their normal weight peers to produce lower numbers of sperm counts or no sperm at all.3

Important Diet Changes to Help Increase Your Fertility

A blog by Dr. John Zhang, New Hope Fertility, November 17, 2015

There are many factors that impact a person’s fertility that they have no control over. However, the food you eat can also have a significant impact on your fertility. Knowing what diet changes help with fertility can help you to make better decisions while trying to get pregnant.

Gut Bacteria and Improved Fertility

a blog by Marta Montenegro, MS, CSCS, SFN, NSCA-CPT, October 1, 2014

Can probiotics increase your fertility? It may be!

Those extra pounds around your middle may not only upset you when trying to fit into your favorite jeans, but they also may be upsetting your motherhood dreams. We now know that the extra fat is not just excess tissue sitting harmless around your belly, but rather active tissues that release inflammatory compounds that may contribute to ovulation irregularities.

The Right Fat Can Improve Your IVF Success

a blog by Marta Montenegro, June 2, 2014

If you are health conscious you try to avoid all types of fats. After all, fat is bad, right? It damages your waistline, heart, and overall health. But you should not fear fat. Not all fats are created equal nor are they necessarily “evil.” In fact, when it comes to in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment success, fat may be your best friend.

20 Minute Combo Belly Fat Burner Workout

Belly Fat Workout

You eat a giant bagel and wash it down with an extra large coffee mixed with plenty of cream and sugar. Then you spend the next 6-plus hours stuck at your computer to make a pressing deadline. Your regular workout? There is no time. And when the day finally ends, you unwind by staying up to watch The Tonight Show or Conan and only drop off when full fatigue sets in.

Solving the Weight Loss, Fertility, Blood Sugar Balance Equation

Blood Sugar and Weight Loss
Cooking for Fertility

It is known that having a healthy BMI is essential for supporting optimal fertility. One of the easiest ways to manage healthy weight loss is to make sure blood sugar levels are stable.

5 Step Fertility Boosting Plan

Source: FLO Living LLC
FLO Living LLC located in New York City. Alisa Vitti, Author of WomanCode and founder of FLO Living LLC, discusses 5 Steps to help boost your Fertility Plan.

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Eating for Your Fertility and Finding Support in the Process

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I am very fortunate that I have a close family member trained in chiropractic care with a specialty in pregnancy and child birth called the Webster Technique. She also works with children with autism, ADD/ADHD and sensory processing disorders. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk.


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