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Scientists 'Explain' Low Sex Drive

The Press Association,  Oct 26, 2010
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Women with low sex drive have brains that behave differently

Women with a low sex drive could now have a scientific explanation for their lack of desire after experts found their brains behave differently.

Those with a low libido have different patterns of brain activity to women with a healthy sex drive, according to a new study.

Experts asked women to watch a series of videos, including erotic scenes, and measured their brain's response using MRI scans.

Certain areas of the brain that normally light up when processing information about sex failed to do so in women with low libido.


Emotions, Fertility and the Body

healthy woman outdoor runner.jpg
When your body 'talks' to you

a blog by Joanne Verkuilen, Founder, Circle+Bloom, September 24, 2010

I found myself in the middle of spin class today — sweating profusely — but at the same time oddly emotional and tearful. I burst out into tears while "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel blasted from the sound system. I was wondering why the heck I thought it was appropriate to start tearing up while pounding away on that bike, and ended up almost laughing to myself while I was crying.

Enlighten Me with Sex, Please

Loving couple.jpg
Get in the moment

a blog by Tami Quinn, Pulling Down the Moon, September 24, 2010

We’re all girlfriends, right? So I was thinking today in the shower (otherwise known as my think tank) about how yogis and other wise sages are always talking about being in the moment.

Karma and Infertility

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Balancing out your universe

a blog by Tami Quinn, Pulling Down the Moon, September 9, 2010

When you feel ready to have a baby and the universe just isn’t cooperating, it’s easy to start asking those existential questions like, “why me?” Over the years at Pulling Down the Moon, more than a few women have asked us if infertility is some sort of punishment for past behavior or an attempt by God, the Universe or some Cosmic Force to teach us a lesson or get even. Many question why this apparent bad karma exists in their life and wonder how they can get rid of it.

Sounds of Peace

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Using mantra to cultivate joy, peace and gratitude

a blog by Tami Quinn, Pulling Down the Moon, August 27, 2010

Since our recent flood, my work space at Pulling Down the Moon has moved from an isolated back office in the old location to a desk in the midst of the open loft space of our temp location. As a result, I am interacting much more these days with the Moon’s therapeutic environment.

Sleep through Fertility, the Yogi Way

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Tips on how to get to sleep and stay asleep

a blog by Tami Quinn, Pulling Down the Moon, August 20, 2010

Last time we wrote a blog on how proper nutrition and some healthy lifestyle changes can assist with insomnia or other sleep disorders. This week we thought we’d share with you a yogi’s perspective on how to get a good night’s rest.

Stress May Make Women Less Likely to Get Pregnant, Study Shows

USA Today,  Aug 11, 2010
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Researchers find link between stress and time to conception

Practically everyone has heard of a couple who, after fertility treatments fail, adopt a baby and then all of a sudden get pregnant.

Those stories have given rise to the belief that it takes longer for stressed-out women to conceive, a notion for which there has been little scientific evidence.

But a new study in the current issue of the journal Fertility and Sterility lends credence to a link between stress and time to conception, and not just in couples dealing with infertility.


Women Buy Sexier Clothes when Most Fertile,  Aug 5, 2010
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Subconsciously, they want to look impressive — to other women

Women buy sexier and more daring clothes when they are at their most fertile because of a subconscious wish to look impressive – to other women.

An instinct tells women when they are most likely to conceive and they unknowingly set out to make themselves look as appealing as possible, but not for the benefit of potential partners.

Rather, the display is an attempt to outdo potential love rivals so that they look less desirable in direct comparison, researchers claim.


A Powerful Drug You Already Possess

wheat field.JPG
Self-healing works for fertility, too

a blog by Joanne Verkuilen, Founder, Circle+Bloom, July 30, 2010

Would you believe me if I told you reading about a story of a 61-year-old male cancer survivor can help in your fertility journey? No? Read on, and you might just be surprised to find out.

Stop Stressing over Stress

Mind-Body Connection blog.jpg
How stress affects health and fertility

a blog by Joanne Verkuilen, Founder, Circle+Bloom, July 9, 2010

“Don't let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries.” ~Astrid Alauda


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