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Study Links Asthma in Child to Magnetic Field Exposure in Pregnant Mom

The Globe and Mail,  Aug 1, 2011
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Researchers from the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, Calif., published a new study suggesting that pregnant women with the highest levels of exposure to magnetic fields are more likely to have a child who develops asthma, compared to pregnant women with low exposure levels. The study, published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine journal, was conducted by the same researcher who made waves in 2002 with a study that suggested magnetic fields could boost a woman’s chances of miscarriage.

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Growing Number of Women Are Having Weight Loss Surgery to Help Fertility Issues

New York Daily News,  July 3, 2011

A growing number of women struggling to have a baby are going under the knife and getting weight-loss surgery to boost their fertility. The research on bariatric surgery and fertility is meager, but a study out this month found that six obese women diagnosed as infertile got pregnant after the operation. "Surgery is a last resort. It should be offered to patients that can't reduce their weight significantly other ways," said Avner Herschlag, medical director of the Center for Human Reproduction at North Shore-LIJ Health System in Manhasset, L.I.

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TTC after Successful Fertility Treatments

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Making a plan

a blog by Donor Diva, July 21, 2011

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Right after Ant was born was when I had the strongest desire to have another child. I am going to chalk that up to hormones (and thinking maybe he was our only child.) After we paid our first storage fee on our frozen embryo (‘totsicle’) I knew I wasn’t yet ready to have another.

Cell Phones, Cancer and Infertility

Fox News,  July 11, 2011
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In May, after a thorough review of the existing research, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified cell phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” and acknowledged that the radiation emitted from cell phones may increase an individual’s risk of brain cancer. Now another potential health problem associated with cell phones is gaining attention.


Couples: Quit Smoking Before You Conceive ...

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Not after you are pregnant

a blog by Serena H. Chen, M.D., IRMS Reproductive Medicine at Saint Barnabas, June 3, 2011

We all know that smoking is bad for you. Smokers are at high risk for cancer, heart attack and stroke, among other things. However, when you are trying to conceive, quitting smoking is especially critical.

Paternal Smoking Linked to Menopause Age in Daughters

Reuters,  June 2, 2011
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If men smoke when their partners are pregnant, their daughters may end up reaching menopause about a year earlier than their peers, according to a study. Previous research has found that a woman's own smoking habits, as well as those of her partner, may also have an impact on her fertility and may precipitate the point at which she can no longer get pregnant.

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Seven Simple Things to Avoid for Fertility

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Stay away from these and boost your baby-making potential

a blog by Robyn Nazar, RN, BSN, June 2, 2011

Want to get pregnant but worried about your fertility? Here are seven common things to avoid that may help you boost your baby-making potential!

1. Smoking

Lifestyle Effects on Sperm Quality

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Sperm count, semen volume and motility can be affected

a blog by Michelle Ottey, PhD, Director of Operations, Fairfax Cryobank and Cryogenic Laboratories, Inc., April 19, 2011

In a recent article in Fertility and Sterility, research was published confirming that higher age, along with lifestyle factors such as stress, smoking and alcohol are all factors that negatively affect semen quality. Different factors cause lower sperm count, lower semen volume, lower motility, etc. All of these parameters matter when it comes to characterizing a sperm sample as healthy.

'Gourmet' Sex — A Conception Booster?

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Communicate and be present

a blog by Joanne Verkuilen, Founder, Circle+Bloom, April 7, 2011

If you are anything like me when I was going through my troubles conceiving, sex was the last thing I wanted. It's so ironic — the more you want to become a mother, the less you want to enjoy the love you can experience with your partner.

Taking a Break from Fertility Treatment

For Jill, taking a break from fertility treatment meant taking 90 days to stop using fertility drugs, recharge, research, try Traditional Chinese Medicine, and live a healthier lifestyle. When she was ready to try and get pregnant, her fertility treatment worked.

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