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The Joy of a Positive Pregnancy Test...

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(and the let-down that followed). A blogger's story.

a blog by tori, Dec. 29, 2008

I’ve been needing to update for a long time, but I haven’t really known what to say. Our third cycle of IUI using donor sperm was successful. We thought we had our dream, but something went wrong.

First, let me say that seeing a positive pregnancy test was everything I thought it would be. I took my test a day early because I knew -- the gagging in the morning and my super sore breasts told me that something was different about this cycle. I was right. I think I silently screamed in the bathroom for a good three minutes as that second line got darker and darker. I felt like I had waited a lifetime to see it. I thought about how to tell my husband, who was sleeping away. I tried to think of cute ways, fun ways, special ways.

Surviving a Loss

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<b>In our newest audioblog, Gigi finds she has the strength to move forward.</b>

an audio blog hosted by Kathleen Puls Andrade


Welcome back to Journey to the Center of the Uterus.

Just like all journeys, this one has its ups and downs like the roller coaster we've all been on through this whole process. What is the lesson here? Perhaps knowing when to have compassion ... or perhaps how we can speak up for ourselves to insensitive people ... or perhaps it's finding our inner strength on the downward turn of the roller coaster.

This particular journey involves dealing with PCOS, distant doctors and loss ... but, as with all journeys, there is light at then end of the tunnel. After a long search, Gigi and her husband just found out that they are to be proud parents of a child that they will soon be adopting.

There are all kinds of ways to be a parent and all kinds of journeys to get there. What is yours?


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