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How is Ovarian Reserve Determined?

Dr. Jacqueline Gutmann from RMA at Jefferson discuses the process of ovarian reserve testing. She also discuses how age plays a role into your numbers and the outcome that is scene most often.

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Why All IVF Patients Should Have a Hysteroscopy

a blog by Jane Frederick, M.D., HRC Fertility, August 8, 2014

A hysteroscopy is the best way to see if the uterus is healthy and ready to carry a baby. During the hysteroscopy procedure, a small fiber-optic telescope is used to examine the uterus for abnormalities such as scarring and adhesions. The device allows physicians to record images of the uterus and corrects certain abnormalities.

The Cup

sperm race

Regardless of the reasons you have for doing IVF or IUI, one thing will always be the same. At some point your partner will need to have a semen analysis prior to cycling.

AFC and AMH Most Promising Predictors of Ovarian Reserve

ASRM,  Oct 22, 2012

A new report issued by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Practice Committee expresses concern with lack of validated ovarian testing results.

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Is It Time to See a Fertility Doctor?

doctorand patient.jpg
Know when the time is right to see a reproductive endocrinologist

There are more than 250,000 people currently struggling with infertility in the state of Ohio. If a woman has been unable to conceive for six months to one year, she should transfer from her obstetrician/gynecologist to a reproductive endocrinologist (RE), also known as a fertility doctor. There are approximately 54 fertility doctors practicing in the entire state of Ohio.

Immune Testing for Infertility

A diagnostic test that can help uncover the cause

Your immune system protects you against infectious organisms and other things that cause disease. The main defenders of your body are the white blood cells which seek out invading organisms and destroy them. When a foreign substance is found, some of the white blood cells produce a substance called an antibody which locks on to the intruder. Other white blood cells, called T cells, destroy the intruders that are tagged with antibodies.

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