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Ovarian Surgery related to infertility

Dr. Tina Koopersmith from West Coast Women's Reproductive Center discusses what is involved in ovarian surgery as it relates to infertility.

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Breakthrough for IVF Egg-Screening Technique

Nursing Times,  Sept 2, 2009
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Breakthrough for IVF Egg-Screening Technique

The child’s mother went through 13 failed IVF attempts before giving birth to him. The egg that produced the child was picked using array Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (CGH) by Nottingham’s CARE Fertility Group.

The technique involves picking chromosomally-normal eggs with the best chance of producing a pregnancy.

Experts think this could greatly improve chances of having successful fertility treatment. Abnormalities in chromosomes can cause embryos to fail, despite appearing healthy through a microscope.

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