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The Mystery of Implantation Revealed


Catherine, the writer and creator of Making Babies in Brooklyn, a blog not only about her personal experience going through IVF, but one that tries to shed some light on an often opaque and confusing process.

The Two Week Wait: Hope vs. Fear

A blog by Amira Posner, Healing Infertility, May 12, 2015

The two week wait following fertility treatment typically is a period filled with hope and fear, optimism and dread. The first week is sometimes easier, but by day 23, it is difficult to resist not buying that pregnancy test. I am often told by women that they are afraid to feel hopeful in the two week wait. I completely understand. It's an emotional roller-coaster.

Tips for Surviving the Two-Week Wait

Here are some tips for making the wait a little less painful.

A blog by Megan Swanek, October 2, 2014

All of us who are trying to conceive have entered the two week. Whether you are trying naturally, doing IUIs or IVF, the waiting period can be agonizing. Relaxing and staying positive is much easier said than done when time is at a stand-still and the hope of a positive beta test is the only thing on your mind.

I recently went through my second two week wait (2ww) and want to share some things with you that helped me.

New Fertility Drug Could Lower Cost

I am enrolled in a clinical trial for AFOLIA, which is seeking FDA approval.

A blog by Megan Swanek, September 17, 2014, 2014

“The only organization more fascist than the FDA is the IRS.” So says one of the fertility doctors who I saw prior to my egg retrieval and embryo transfer last week. While it is great that the Food and Drug Administration looks out for the safety of what we put into our bodies, just how stringent they are with approval of new drugs comes at a cost. Literally. When there is only one drug on the market for a particular condition, the price can be whatever the company would like to charge, and we are forced to pay that amount.

The 2 Week Wait Sucks

I remember when I was naive. Before we were diagnosed and every month I was sure "THIS IS IT". Our timing was always perfect and I would wait, knowing this would be the month I got pregnant. That wait was torture, with every twinge and cramp being overanalyzed. Little did I know, that was nothing. Eventually, we WERE diagnosed and started cycling. That dreaded "two week wait" between ovulation and your period showing up developed a whole new meaning for me.

The Two-Week Wait

two-week wait.jpg
There are ups and downs of the luteal phase

a blog by CGD, April 1, 2011

No matter how many times you have been here, the two- week wait (luteal phase) is hard. I sometimes get that IVF veteran cockiness and think “Hey, this is nothing — I have been here countless times before." But the reality is, veteran or not, there is no easy way through it.

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Waiting for Beta?

preg test.jpg
To test or not to test during the two-week wait

a blog by S.I.F., November 24, 2010

The two-week wait is an excruciating time.

Most of us spend that wait analyzing (and over-analyzing) every hiccup, dream, and stomach twitch wondering: Was that my baby?

We can’t help it. After investing so much into the effort of getting pregnant, all we want to know is if it worked. And we want to know as soon as humanly possible. But that beta is typically scheduled a cruel 14 days out from transfer, and as you walk out the door, your doctors will warn you not to test at home. They will tell you that the date of beta is the soonest a pregnancy could possibly show up.

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The Two-Week Wait

preg test.jpg
You may notice early changes during this luteal phase

Following infertility treatment, there’s the inevitable two-week wait before taking a pregnancy test.

If the fertility treatment was successful, your body will already be going through changes — some noticeable, others imperceptible. What’s happening inside the uterus is impossible to literally feel, but can set off all sorts of palpable symptoms, both emotional and physical.

Along for the Ride

couple infertility swing.jpg
How to manage the highs and lows of cycling

by Stephanie Fry, The IVF Companion, June 11, 2010

Infertility treatment cycles are often and accurately compared to roller coasters because they are filled with so many ups and downs. Moments of hope, excitement and determination can quickly become exhaustion, disappointment and sadness. It’s enough to make even the strongest of us feel like we are spinning out of control.

About halfway through my treatment I realized that my pattern of ups and downs was sapping my strength and making my cycles much harder than they had to be.

I was always excited to start a new treatment cycle but, when it came time to begin fertility meds, my little car sped downhill pretty quickly. After that first dip I pulled myself back up during the hopeful process of stimulation, only to fall back down again as I worried about fertilization and implantation.

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Emotional Challenges of the Two-Week Wait

Infertility has intense and surprising emotional consequences and the two-week wait for a pregnancy test following treatment is one of the most stressful challenges of the entire infertility process. During this time, patients experience feelings much like those of being on an emotional roller coaster. Feelings can fluctuate from total confidence to intense worry, consuming sadness to complete elation on a day-to-day, even hour-to-hour basis. Having no control over your body, your emotions or your future can lead to tremendous stress and anxiety.

The Emotional Roller Coaster

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