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Fertility Clinic Index


Reproductive Resource Center (Overland Park, KS)
Richmond Fertility Center (Richmond, VA)
River View Fertility (New York, NY)
RMA at Jefferson (Willow Grove, PA)
RMA at Jefferson (Philadelphia, PA)
RMA at Jefferson (King of Prussia, PA)
RMA at Jefferson (Langhorne, PA)
Rochester Fertility Care (Rochester, NY)


San Diego Fertility Center (San Diego, CA)
Santa Barbara Fertility Center (Santa Barbara, CA)
Santa Monica Fertility (Santa Monica, CA)
Scripps Clinic IVF Center (La Jolla, CA)
Southeastern Fertility (North Charleston, SC)
Spring Creek Fertility (Dayton, OH )
Spring Fertility (San Francisco, CA)
SRM Spokane (Spokane Valley, WA)


Texas Fertility Center (Austin, TX)
Texas Fertility, P.A. (Carrollton, TX)
The Advanced IVF Institute (Naperville, IL)
The Advanced IVF Institute (Schaumburg, IL)
The Arc in Hawaii (Honolulu, HI )
The Fertility Center (Lancaster, PA)
The Fertility Center (Grand Rapids, MI)
The Fertility Center of Colorado (Colorado Springs, CO)
The Fertility Center of Las Vegas (Beverly Hills, CA)
The Heard Clinic (Houston, TX)
The IVF Institute (Winfield, IL)
The Reproductive Center (Youngstown, OH)
The Stamford Hospital (Stamford, CT)
The Women's Place (DeSoto, TX)
Thie M.D. (Cincinnati, OH)
Tree of Life Center (Tarzana, CA)
Troche Fertility Centers (Glendale, AZ)


UC Davis ART Program (Sacramento, CA)
UCLA Fertility Center (Los Angeles, CA)
UNC Fertility (Raleigh, NC)
UNC Fertility (Raleigh, NC)
University IVF (Syracuse, NY)
University Ob/Gyn Associates (Louisville, KY)
University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)
University of Maryland (Baltimore, MD)
University of Washington (Seattle, WA)
University Reproductive Associates (Hasbrouck Heights, NJ)
USC Fertility (Los Angeles, CA)
UT Medicine Fertility Center (San Antonio, TX)
Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Utah Fertility Center (Pleasant Grove, UT)


Viera Fertility Center (Melbourne, FL)
Vincent IVF Unit (Boston, MA)


Washington Fertility Center (Annandale, VA)
West Coast Fertility Centers (Fountain Valley, CA)
West Coast IVF Clinic, Inc. (Beverly Hills, CA)
West Virginia University (Morgantown , WV)
Wilford Hall Medical Center (Lackland AFB, TX)
Women's Clinic, Ltd. (West Reading, PA)
Women's Fertility Center (Stamford, CT)
Women's Health Care, S C (Waukesha, WI)
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Wright-Patterson AFB, OH)


Xpert Fertility Care of California (Fountain Valley, CA)


Yale Fertility Center (New Haven, CT)


Zouves Fertility Center (Foster City, CA)