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What Causes Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is indicated by many small cysts in the ovaries. Health care professionals may also call it polycystic ovary disease, polycystic ovaries, Stein-Leventhal syndrome, or polyfollicular ovarian disease.

PCOS affects about 5 percent to 10 percent of women of childbearing age and occurs among all races and nationalities. It is the most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age and is a leading cause of infertility. It is estimated that as many as 30% of women have some characteristics of the syndrome.

The ovaries of women with PCOS produce higher than normal amounts of androgens (male hormones) which can interfere with the development and release of eggs. Normally when an egg matures, the follicle (sac within the ovary that contains eggs) releases the egg so it can travel to the uterus for fertilization. With PCOS, the eggs in these follicles may not mature or in some case egg maturation is altered. Instead of being released during the menstrual cycle, the follicles build up in the ovaries and form cysts. Because they are not ovulating and releasing an egg each month it is common for women with PCOS to have irregular or missed periods.

What Causes PCOS?

The exact cause of PCOS is unknown. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is called a syndrome rather than a disease because it has many possible causes or characteristics, rather than one known cause. Although the ovaries of women with this syndrome contain a number of small cysts, women without PCOS may also have a similar number of cysts. For this reason, researchers believe the cysts themselves may not be causing the problem.

It is believed the leading cause of PCOS could be insulin resistance. Women with PCOS are often found to have a malfunction of insulin production, formation, or action. Too much insulin signals the ovaries to release higher-than-normal levels of androgens. Elevated insulin levels are unhealthy and may eventually increase your risk not only for infertility but also for diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease.

PCOS may also have a genetic predisposition and run in families. However, there is not yet enough scientific evidence to prove the condition is inherited.

If you have PCOS-related infertility it is probably due to the inability of the ovaries to release an egg, or the ovaries are releasing eggs that are not fully developed. However, not all women with PCOS have difficulty becoming pregnant. To learn more about PCOS, visit Fertility Authority's PCOS Channel.

Watch these videos about PCOS:

To connect with other women with PCOS, please join our PCOS Support Group.


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My husband is 49 yrs old and has hep c i am 27 and we have been trying like crazy to have a baby is it possible that the hep c could cause him to be sertile and unable to have kids

I was told I had PCOS 10 years ago. I took all the meds to get preganent and it didn't work. We tried for years to get preganent with no luck. We gave up and I stopped taking all the meds. About five years ago I had blood work done because I was sleepy all the time, and felt like death. When my results came back it turned out that ontop of the PCOS causing me issues my Thyrod is under active. We have gotten it straighted out and I am looking for a docter now that will listen to what all I have already done, but I don't want to start all over. I want to have the cysts removed off my overies and start taking the clomid to get preganent. I have started back on the metformin, dieting, I have lost 17 pounds, and I have started working out. I had my first three day, very light period in October. I am 30 years old, so I am hoping having the cysts removed and getting back on the clomid I will be able to conceive... I will keep all updated on how things go. Any suggestions are welcomed...

Trying to conceive for 4 years; i have irregular periods and few weeks before my periods start i always have breast tenderness along with lower abdominal pain at my left hand side. what can i do?

Hi, I am 14 my doctor has just diagnosed me with pcos I have been on my period nonstop for the past 4 months! After they did the ultra sounds the said that it was pcos! I have gotten dizzie and nausious and really sick just from this! So I no wat u all or going through! Though I am not trying to have kids yet I pretty much have to already try to cope with the fact that I will probably not be able to concieve a child! :( just hang in there guys and pray good things will happen!!!!! Shelby

I was 28 and just got married for the first time. I already had 2 kids and had my tubes tied. My husband and i decided that we would love to have a child together, so i went to see a specialist and had my tubes reversed. I am now 36 and still have not had a child. I did however have a miscarriage. when i had my miscarriage had very normal 28 day periods, shortly after that my periods started coming irregular i could not figure out why. i keep gaining weight and i always used to be slim and kinda attrative but now i can't seem to get rid of the weight. I went to see the doctor and she put me on birth control and was on them for about 6 months and hope that helps with keeping them normal again, but i would like to have a child really bad and now i am going to try to go back on metformin and hope it will work for me. I tried it for a while and seemed to make me sick but i want to give it another chance. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

I was told I had POS a little over a year ago after finally getting my doctor to do tests since I had not had a period in 3years. I still went throug the emotions just no period. It is a very hard thing to deal with because when ur young you never think(wow I could not be able to do my god givin right to have a baby) and it is upsetting at times and try to stay positive. I am on metphormine and a pill I take every month to have a period to help me get all the old blood out and to ovulate. One my husband is checked to make sure everything is okay we are startin the clomid. A lot of people have told me to get a D&C to clean my self out so we could get all the old blood and stuff out so we could have a better chance of getting pregnate. So I guess my question is should I do the D&C or let nature take its course.

hello ladies. i feel your pain. i am 22 years old. over weight. and i have pcos. i am recentily divorsed. i guess my x husband just couldnt be with a woman that could not father his children. well who needs to be with someone that doesnt support you anyways. its not like woman just wake up one day and decide to be infertile. i tried birth control a few years ago, i was taking it for almost a year. then. i stopped thought i found "the one". well no babies. i was told by my dr. to take birth control to regulate my time of the month. so i did for about 6 months, i had to stop taking it. beacuse no matter what kind i took, it just made me sick. i know am in a relationship and my new man is supportie. (to a point).. he REALLY wants kids. so i am again trying but not with much hope. i have been taking fertil aid.. for a few weeks... no baby yet..but that stuff really makes you in the at least their is something positive coming out of it. i have been on a pretty stricy diet for a month. no soda, chips, candy, fast food, or really much of anything. im trying diet drinks. zantrex 3.. isnt too bad.. just tastes*t.. so i told him i will try to lose some weight. take this fertil aid stuff, and be open minded.. unfortunitly i couldnt tell him, my heart is closed. with so many disapointing times. i just ant take anymore disapontment. it kills me to feel like the man i love will Never be a father as long as he is with me. email me if you have ever felt the way i do.. baby dust for all those who need it.

hello ladies. i feel your pain. i am 22 years old. over weight. and i have pcos. i am recentily divorsed. i guess my x husband just couldnt be with a woman that could not father his children. well who needs to be with someone that doesnt support you anyways. its not like woman just wake up one day and decide to be infertile. i tried birth control a few years ago, i was taking it for almost a year. then. i stopped thought i found "the one". well no babies. i was told by my dr. to take birth control to regulate my time of the month. so i did for about 6 months, i had to stop taking it. beacuse no matter what kind i took, it just made me sick. i know am in a relationship and my new man is supportie. (to a point).. he REALLY wants kids. so i am again trying but not with much hope. i have been taking fertil aid.. for a few weeks... no baby yet..but that stuff really makes you in the at least their is something positive coming out of it. i have been on a pretty stricy diet for a month. no soda, chips, candy, fast food, or really much of anything. im trying diet drinks. zantrex 3.. isnt too bad.. just tastes*t.. so i told him i will try to lose some weight. take this fertil aid stuff, and be open minded.. unfortunitly i couldnt tell him, my heart is closed. with so many disapointing times. i just ant take anymore disapontment. it kills me to feel like the man i love will Never be a father as long as he is with me. email me if you have ever felt the way i do.. baby dust for all those who need it.

hello ladies. i feel your pain. i am 22 years old. over weight. and i have pcos. i am recentily divorsed. i guess my x husband just couldnt be with a woman that could not father his children. well who needs to be with someone that doesnt support you anyways. its not like woman just wake up one day and decide to be infertile. i tried birth control a few years ago, i was taking it for almost a year. then. i stopped thought i found "the one". well no babies. i was told by my dr. to take birth control to regulate my time of the month. so i did for about 6 months, i had to stop taking it. beacuse no matter what kind i took, it just made me sick. i know am in a relationship and my new man is supportie. (to a point).. he REALLY wants kids. so i am again trying but not with much hope. i have been taking fertil aid.. for a few weeks... no baby yet..but that stuff really makes you in the at least their is something positive coming out of it. i have been on a pretty stricy diet for a month. no soda, chips, candy, fast food, or really much of anything. im trying diet drinks. zantrex 3.. isnt too bad.. just tastes*t.. so i told him i will try to lose some weight. take this fertil aid stuff, and be open minded.. unfortunitly i couldnt tell him, my heart is closed. with so many disapointing times. i just ant take anymore disapontment. it kills me to feel like the man i love will Never be a father as long as he is with me. email me if you have ever felt the way i do.. baby dust for all those who need it.

I am 29 years old and just have been diagnosed with PCOS. I already have two daughters which are 13 and almost 11. Me and my husband had gotten pregnant in 2008 but I had a miscarriage at 10 1/2 weeks. Then in April my periods starting acting funny, so after much convincing from him I went to the doctor, and she gave me an ultrasound which confirmed my worst fears. I want a baby so bad. I go back to the doctor on the 14th to discuss options. I have started changing what I eat and me and my husband go for walks everyday. I am going to suggest the Metformin and Clomid to her and see what she thinks. I feel as if I am losing hope of ever getting pregnant. I know that I am depressed a baby is all I think about day and night. My husband doesn't have any children as my daughters were from another relationship. Does anyone have any advice for me...

I'm 25 Years old and in 2009 I was diagnosed with PCOS. I totally freak out, reading about it hearing others stories just depressed me. Why be born in a womens body if I can't have children. I have been trying since Jan 2010 to get pregnant and still nothing. I too am on Glumetza. I'm not one to take medication I hardly take a Advil for a headache, so getting put on a daily pill was not a plus in my eyes. So i tried it for a month then got off of it and tried it again and decided i didn't want to take the medication... I recently went to my endoc and told her that i'm trying to have a baby, so she told me to really try Glumetza and stick with it this time... So again i'm back on it and on a higher dose... Lately i've been feeling stomach sick but I know it's the medication my doc told me i'll feel like that for a few weeks or so... I feel for everyone who is going through this, I mean it sucks it really does, in a way I feel like a, a broken toy... It's not fair, no one in my family that I know of has this... My sisters have beautiful babies I feel in my heart that one day I will too but in some case it just might not happen... I wanted to post my story because I have been feeling like no one understands... Yes it's always good to be positive but everyone's body is different no matter how similar our stories might be it might be a yes for you and a no for me or vice versus... In the end we have to be strong for ourselves and one another... I wish you all the best in conceiving and i truly hope we have a chance to experience pregnancy... Thanks for listening and good luck to all of you... :)

I was the one who posted the paragragh above and i wanted to let all of you know that there is hope... I am very happy to say that after being on glumetza i was about to conceive and now I have a beautiful baby girl who recently turn 2 months old.... i truly thought i wasn't going to be able to have children but my wish came true... So keep thinking positive and i wish the best of luck to each and every one of you... Yes i still have PCOS and i'm sure when I try again it might be hard but keep trying don;t give up, it will happen... :)

I got dignosed with pcos when i was 15 and at the same time with tyoe 2 daitbetes.. I know how it feels it. I want to have a baby but having a problem with it because my health issues. I trying my best to lose weight and be healthy but its hard with this disease

I have many of the symptoms most of you talk about. I have the extremely irregular and at times heavy periods. When it first started I didn't have a period for over seven months and all the doctor did was give me pills to make me have my period. I get dizzy a lot, always tired, alway moody and I am very tender around my lower abdomen. I am currently working with my doctor to see if this is what I have. If it is, I pray I am still able to have a child with my fiancé. Any advice to a scared woman?

Hi, I am 23 and was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 20. My husband and I have been trying for 5 yrs now and sill nothing. I want a baby so bad and am so scared it will never happen. My doc put me on metformin in 07. I took it for bout 1 1/2 yrs didn't do anything so I got upset and quit taking it. I went to a different doctor in March 2010 had to start all over with the metformin still nothing so far. I have had irregular periods since I was a teenager. They had me on birth control at first to help get them regulated and that didnt help much. I usually have a period every 5 to 6 months and they last about 4 days. When I do have a period, I'm in severve pain, major cramps, heavy clotting and bad headaches. My family keeps telling me to stay positive and not to give up, but it is so hard to be positive. They all have kids and just don't understand what I'm going through. Lindsay

i am 25 years old. i have had pcos since i was in my mid teens. I go years between periods and i am always tired and have no ambition in life. I tried for years to have a baby while taking metformin and the clomid for a few months. it never worked. I want so badly to have a baby but im so scared that i have lost my chances. me and my spouse do not use protection just in case a miracle happens. But it doesnt seem to. Just the last week i have been having pain and discomfort in my pelvic area. It hurts worse during intercourse and while using the bathroom. I have never had this feeling before in all the years of me having this syndrome. Does anyone maybe know what this could be?

Hello my name is Tiffany, I am 19yrs old;

When I was about 13 year old a doctor told me I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (pcos). I followed up with a obgyn at that time and was told because i had heavy periods I did not have pcos. Between that time and now I would have pains all the time in my stomach so finally I went to the urgent care their they did some test and said that it looks as if i had pcos.

Last week i went to a new obgyn and had a ultra sound...he said i had pcos; BUT because I was having regular heavy menstruals he did not think he needed to take action.

I also explained to him that I've been gaining weigh and it's very hard for me to lose the weigh. And that my insulin levels are high. and I alsop have high blood pruessure. All he could tell me is that there are "8 forms of pcos and mine is not important untill I miss my Periods." and if I were to loss weigh I'll be ok. He did not listen to what i had to say about the trouble i have losing weigh.

My question is does anyone think I should see a new doctor and talk about insulin ioptions or do you think that docrot was correct, and i should not worry untill I miss periods? Remember I've had these problems going on since I was 13 Years old...maybe younger.

Thank you

I have yet to try any of the pills, I am too afraid I guess. I came very close to giving up on this because I have been trying for too long to fight this, but God blessed me with a wonderful fiancee who is not giving up on me. It's actually because of him why I actually joined this website and now I'm feeling a whole lot better. Next month I have an appointment to see my doctor to find out what will work for me. I pray that everything goes well.

Wow!!! To hear all of these stories really breaks my heart, I too am diagnosed with this as well.I try hard not to think about it because it upsets me soo much. I have been trying for about four years now to have another child. I have a nine year old son who ask me every other day for a brother or sister. Please pray for me!

Hello all I am 25 and married I was told about one year ago that i have PCOS and i have been on everything to get prago but nothing is working, I have given up on haven a baby and my husband has no clue on how pcos has driven me into a deep depression when it comes to kids. He keeps telling me that we dont need kids to be happy and we just need to give up. So i gave up and it kills me to know that i cant have a baby something that i have wanted my hole life i just dont know what to do. Can any one help me out on any advise on talking to the hubbie about this i am just at a loss!!!

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2003 when I had my daughter. She was 10 days late and they ended up doing a planned/emergency c-section when I couldn't dialate past 2 cm. When they were delivering her I was informed that my ovaries were supposed to be the size of walnuts, but that my right ovary was the size of a baseball. They tried to just remove the cyst, but that didn't work, so they just removed my ovary. I have gotten pregnant once since then in April 2006 and miscarried at 5 weeks due to too much stress. I found out in November 2006 that I had cysts forming on my left ovary. However, at the time, I didn't have insurance. I finally had the cysts removed June 2009. I've been trying to get pregnant, but with no luck. If I'm lucky, my period will start on the same day 2 months in a row, but usually, it's just a hit and miss as to when it's gonna start, if it does. Just this year I've been having serious issues with my period. I went from February to this month without a period, and the dr can't tell me why. I found out last month that I have a noncancerous brain tumor that has been causing me to produce breast milk, and I thought at first that the meds the dr put me on was working on stopping that and decreasing the tumor, but have realized within the past cpl of days that the milk is coming just as much as before, which depresses me because my next option is brain surgery, which I'm not looking forward to. All I want is to have one more baby, then I wouldn't care if they took everything out, but I'm learning that with the PCOS, getting pregnant is hard. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can increase my chances of getting pregnant again, please let me know My e-mail address Just put in the subject that it's about PCOS. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


I was told I had PCOS when I was 16 and I am now 28 most of my day is spent in pain. I have yet to find a doc that will even try to help me with pain or other wise. Birthcontrol only makes my pain worse and my cycle will go more out of wack then it already is.... the 3 weeks I take the active pills I have a cycle and the week I am soppose to have my cycle I don't. I have been trying to lose weight because I was told that would help with the pain, but that has been unsuccesful as well. I too am wanting to have a baby but I can't get the symptoms under control so I have just givin up. I stay tired all the time and seems like I can not get enough sleep,have dizzy spells as well as nauesa and no energy. I am at wits end and don't know what to do anymore...

I was just diagnosed today. I am so upset at the thought that I may now have difficulty getting pregnant. Is there any success stories of women who gotten pregnant without fertility drugs and it just got corrected on its own and the woman was able to get pregnant. I am only 20 but me and my fiance are just getting ready to try and I just hope it could just go right away naturally. Someone please help me give me advice what to do.

i'm 17 and i have pcos. it scares me because ive never wanted anything more than to be a mom. ive always talked about names and how exciting it would be. then i went the gyno and she told me i have pcos and didnt tell me the risk of infertility and when i read on the computer that its the leading cause i cried. i know im not alone and i have pleanty of time to think about a family but i've always known thats what i wanted. im on sugar pills but thats all and my eriods still only come about twice a year and then they are very heavy! its miserable because i have to live in tampons and pads because i never know when its about to start. i just want answers from my doctor that i never got. but more than that i want a baby someday!

Last year (a few months shy of my 27th birthday), I had an abdominal CT scan done for a diagnosis of appendicitis, and the NP (who specialized in OBGYN) said it appeared I had cysts on my ovaries and fibroids. She recommended that once I recovered from my appendectimy, I should talk to my GYNO about PCOS. Later that year I found a GYNO I was comfortable with and told him what she said. He asked some questions and made a CLINICAL diagnosis of PCOS. Obviously I was not convinced. Yes, I would skip a period here and there, but my periods where never overly heavy nor extremely light. They lasted 4 to 6 days depending if I skipped a period the month before. He put me on the BC pill Mononessa. For the first 5 cycles, my period was terribly heavy--I had to leave work or call in sick around day 2 or 3 because I had to sit on the toilet pretty much the whole day. He did blood tests for anemia and always said this was normal since my PCOS kept me from properly shedding my uterine lining--essentially my heavy bleeding on BC was due to a buildup of lining. Finally I was frustrated and asked him to refer me for ultrasounds. I had a pelvic utlrasound AND a trans-vaginal ultrasound. Everything came back cysts on my ovaries, no fibroids in my uterus, no fluid or any thing else that would have kept me from getting pregnant. I'm beginning to wonder if it's just my weight keeping me from properly ovulating. Obviously on BC I don't feel ovulation. I haven't gone off BC to try to concieve because I'm afraid that I may fall back into that previous pattern mentioned and develop a thickening of lining that could turn into fibroids. Should I go to a different GYNO or is this a normal pattern of thought for a doctor to have??? I need some thoughts on this. Please reply!

I forgot to mention that I have been cleared of any insulin issues by my general doctor. I also had bloodwork done prior to starting BC to look for hormone levels--the report came back as NORMAL. So, Insulin is NORMAL, BP is NORMAL, Hormone levels prior to starting BC were NORMAL. My fiance refuses to see a specialist to check sperm modality and vitality. He has a child from a previous marriage (and yes it is his), so I know he could father a child at some point in his life. We've tried for 2 years to concieve prior to my appendicitis last year.

hey everyone I'm a 24 year old I was told by ny doctor 4yrs ago that i have pcos when she told me i din't take her serious in really didn't care due to i didn't want kids but when i met the love of my life i changed my mind i started take the medicine that she gave me but i couldn't handle it it felt like it was making me sickly then last year as i was useing the bath room days later i found out i was losing a baby it hurted me so bad i have been depress since i never know so many people in the owwrld are like me and reading all the stories really make me wanna try again i wanna thank all of you guys for given me hope n faith ok i have to end this because the tears start to make my eyes burn

hey girls im 21 now but was told i have pcos when i was 16 I hated the weight gain and all the crap that made growing up even harder any ways my major problem is that i dont have medical ive been trying to get pregnent for about 2years now and have had 2 losses I was just wondering if any one knows if there is any groups that help with the costs or if there is a cheep way to get a handle on this the weight alone just kills me i live a really active life and just cant seem to get the weight off and just end up giving up with no results

hi im sarah and about 6 months ago i found out i have pcos me and my husband have been tryin to have a baby for 4 yrs with no luck.. we couldnt figure out why we wasnt havin any luck i was so depressed over the fact that i may never have children... i was taking clomid and when it didnt work i never went back to get it filled again because i was so depressed i never have periods maybe once a year. Im trying to find some comfort somewere some happy stories of women in my condition having children.. i want to have the faith and drive but nobody in my famly has this condition that i know of so i cant go to them nobody understands. I need some incourgement i hope there is someone out there that feels the pain i feel and has had success.

ok im twenty years old and my dr suggested that i might have pcos but told me that there was no test to actually diagnose it. iv been trying for two years to have a baby but with no luck at all. i have all the symptoms no periods very hairy and im always tired i live in jersey and i need a better dr. i cry alot because my only sister and most of my friends have children and i feel that it will never happen for me. but a month ago my moms best friend that has the same problem suggested that i start takin the herb dong qua. so i did and ever since i would bleed clot and then stop the same day and its been doing this for the last month everyday and it gives my constent headaches but deep in my heart i feel like its jump startin my period wat do u thiink? and thanks for the story cause its really giving me hope i just want to be a mom so bad thats wat ive been born to do someone please HELP 22 years old and i found out that i had pcos at age 13 so 9 years ago. My mother insisted on getting me into the doctor after i had not yet started my period. They did many tests on me and even sent me to a speciaist. It was confirmed that i had pcos. In the past 9 years i have had many symptoms. At a very young age i was tired alot and severly overweight. The doctors gave me a script to a medicine called provera to jumpstart my period. Ever since my first period i have had to take provera for every period i have ever had. My body does not produce one of its own without the medicine. When i do have one it is extremely painful sometimes puttin me on the couch in a fetal position for days. I have had horrible migrane headaches that the doctors relate to my hormone levels being so out of whack which they believe is caused by the pcos. In the past few years my hair has thinned out very bad. No bald spots yet but i am definately in fear of that happening in the next several years. I also at about age 16 began to grow facial hair on my chin, upper lip, underneath my chin on my neck, and sideburns which for me is extremely embarrassing and i do have to take care of this problem daily. And above all i have never been able to concieve a baby. I am about to get married in a few months and we so desperately want to have a baby but we have tried for 2 yrs and no luck yet not even a pregnancy scare. So my question is has anyone had similar symptoms and what have any of you done to help your symptoms? Has doctors given and good advice?

hello im 27 now years old I have been diagnosed with pcos around 2004 its been 6yrs now i havent concieved yet!.......... I Been trying too... no..... success i went to the the Dr. a couple of months ago he prescribed me some metformin and some clomid 50mg. I have taken them all..... he told me to come back to his office in 30 days but i went a month after.... and he prescribed me some clomid only this time and he told me to come in 30 more days to check my insulan and blood level to make sure eveything is on track...... i PRAY to GOD it is.........and it will determan if im able to bear kids or not or i might have to travel to a fetility specialist....if the pills dont work........WHICH ME BLESSING AND I WILL TRULY appriciate IT

i was diagnosed with with pcos just this month...i have always had irrregular periods and i have had 3 miscarriages in the past few years i am only and my dr talked and he put me on the implanon to help with the pcos and to also help with my high chlorestorol and elevated sugars, but he also put me on the metformin to help me lose weight. i have been on it for 11 days and have already lost 9 pounds. im so worried about not being able to carry on full preganancy, me and my husband want kids so bad. im only 21 thats why i agreed to the implanon(since it lasts three years) so that gives me time to get my weight under control and my dr says he is going to help me with the right meds to hopefully have a baby...reading this page really helped me, gave me siome different insights from all of you..thanks it helped! wish u all good luck incuding myself :)...Emily

I to have polystic ovarion syndrom, It's crazy to see that so many other women have this problem also,so has anyone else found it hard to loose weight, i hear if you try and loose some weight it mite help you with trying to get pregnant.

In my teens i got really bad period pains, i use to have long soaks in the bath at 2am because of the pain, I'm now 32 years old, Happily married with 4 children, of my own. In my early 20s I was told I have pcos after trying to get pregnant for a year, I was given clomid for 2 cycles and metformin, I had my son now aged 5yrs, i decided not to go on birth control, because we wanted another child and what's the chance of getting pregnant naturally, I went to the doctor to refer me for fertility treatment and he put me on metformin while I was waiting, 2 months later I got pregnant with triplets now aged 2 1/2, I'm taking no more chances, it's the implant for me, I still have to shave and suffer with acne but I haven't had a period/ period pains since the triplets were born. You can get pregnant on pcos losing weight does help , my problem now is what next, I remember the doc saying my cyst were large and a lot when I was in the operating room have the triplets delivered, but that's it no other advise should I be concerned with the cysts, should I have them removed.

when i was a little girl, all I ever thought about was when I grew up I wanted to be a mother. After I got married, we started planning having a family. Well, after years of not having a period, I knew I was going to be challenged. After all the tests, I was told that I had polycystic ovarian disease. I went into depression, for I had 4 sisters who all had children, one who had twins boys. I took the clomid thinking that I might have a chance, but not. After all the surgeries, tests and all the negative pregnancy tests, the doctor knew all along that I could not have children. My husband told him not to tell me in fear that I might hurt myself for I wanted children more than life. I ended up having a hysterectomy at 28. To this day, to which I am now fighting Multiple Sclerosis, diag. in 1999, I still wish that it had been possible for me to have children. It saddens me when we all get together and everybody has their families there, I feel lonely and left out so I stopped going to baby showers, and anything to do with babies. My husband is now in the final stage of heart disease, so if anything were to happen to him, I would be alone to fight my MS alone. My husband had 2 children from a previous marriage, but their mother is alive and I don't get the same respect that she does. I feel for those that get this disease and I am glad to know that there is a support group for this for no one who has children doesn't understand how one feels to someone that can't. God Bless all those out there fighting this disease and good luck.

im so glad to find out im not alone with this struggle! it all started when i started at age 10. my periods have always been messed up, few and far between, cysts that would rupture and drop me to my knees, cramps so bad i couldnt stand up. bleeding for 3 months straight,skipping for months at a time and huge bloodclots, flooding so much i couldnt go to work. also sex would make me bleed talk about embarrassing! now im lucky if i have 2 periods a year. now im scared cuz im 32 and ready to try for a baby. my boyfriend and i have been ttc since january cuz i actually had a normal period and im actually having one right now. thats a good sign right? the thing that gives me hope is that my sister also has pcos and she did clomid for 6 months then along came my neice emma! so lets keep our chins up and good luck to us all!

hello everyone my name is emily and i am 34 years old. i have suffered with irregular periods since i was 16. i have gone 3-5 months wihtout one and then have one that would last 3 weeks. at the time i was on welfare insurance and the clinic told me that i had fibroid tumors like my mom. i was put on the pill until i was no longer covered by welfare insurance. everything was fine for about 6 months then it started all over again. i learned to live with it because i could't afford care. at the age of 24 i was able to find a clinic wiht a family planning program for little to no cost. they put me on pill agian. i had to keep switching the brand of pill i was on for the next 7 years because they would work fine for a while and then i would stop having periods or get severe mood swings. thats when they put me on yasmine. it worked great besides the headaches but i would still miss periods every so many months. two years ago my older sister was diagnosed with pcos and had to go through invitro to have her daughter. the doctors told her that it was very likely that her sisters would have it too. at this point i had finally meet the man of my dreams so we decided that i should stop taking my birth control pill and let nature take its course. that was in may of 09. i haven't had a menstrul cycle since july so i started doing research on my sisters condition to see if i might have it as well. i have had all of these symptoms since i was 16. i have no health insurance so no one will help me. i am so scared that because doctors never looked for this when i did have insurance that i will never be able to have a child with the man i love. i am afraid that it is to late. if any one out there has any advice please help!

I have been told that I have PCOS. Although my OBGYN never did an ultrasound. He put me on the nuvaring for a year and not much has changed. I have gained even more wait as I told him I would. I have now started seeing a chirporactor for a more holistic approach. She told me that I had a tipped uterus which was news to me. This month was the first time that my cramps were tolerable, I was not an emotional rollercoaster and even intercourse does not hurt like it always has. I will keep trying this approach and see what happens. There is a lot of information about the connection between chirpractic and fertility out there. I am not saying this will work for everyone, but for me it is a better approach than a bunch of medication and hormomes. FIngers crossed!

hi i m 24 when i was 18 i was told that i had poc well all i had was no peiod every thing down there was fine the docs told me all i need to do was lose some weight well i lost 100lbs this year and everything came back no i every m P every 28 day i have never been on time like that i had gasBypass in this year in july so it been like 8 mos do you think that i sitll have it and is do you think it will happen now

My daughter has been trying to get pregnant for awhile now. She is now
going to a specialist and having tests done to see if her uterus or ovaries
are whats causing the problems. She is somewhat overweight which is one thing that is against her. I just learned about this syndrome on Dr. Phil's on T.V. This is going to be something I will talk to her about. Maybe this is something she might have also. Thank You for all the advice.

I am a 29 year old that was diagnosed with PCOS about 8 years ago. My menstrual cycle has never been regular I didn't receive my menstrual until I was 16 which is a little late for starting. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about 6 years we have been married 10 years however, we have had no luck. I have not been able to become pregnant at all up to this point and I pray regularly for a blessing. My doctors have put me on strict diets, dietary supplements (vitamins), birth control and metformin. Unfortunately I had horrible side effects with both the birth control and metformin. I had to stop both.

I know weight loss is suppose to help so 3 years ago I put myself on a extremely strict diet and exercise program in which I lost almost 100 pounds over a year. With the weight loss my menstrual cycle was a little better rather than having it every 9 months or so I had it every 6 months give or take. However, even with the weight loss I was unable to conceive and become pregnant. I kept the weight off for almost 2 years but with the stress and strain I put myself under trying to conceive I slowly gained the weight back. I realize that my weight gain was related to my stress from being unable to become pregnant but even with the weight loss it didn't help. I am currently without health insurance as I was laid off from work, so I haven't been to the doctor lately to try to and get control of my PCOS. My husband and I have pretty much gave up hope as I feel we have exhausted all options. Of course it is more depressing because my friends, family and his friends and family all have children and we are starting to feel as though this is all a result of something we did to cause all these problems. I hope us not being able to conceive doesn't result in us getting a divorce as we are very much in love we are just torn as to what to do at this point.

If anyone has any feedback or suggestions let me know. I have open ears to what anyone has to say at this point. Thank you for any of your help.

My name is Nichole. I am 36yrs old. I have one son who is 14yrs old. I. Had a misscarriage about 7yrs ago. I found out 3 weeks ago I have PCOS. My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for a couple of months. I was put on a low dosage of Metformin when I found out also something for my blood pressure. My OBGYN put me on prenatal vitamins and check my hormone levels and said everything was normal. My periods has been irregular. I am an obese woman and have been losing wieght since last year. I have already lost 108 pounds before I was diagnosed. I am hoping that with all I'm doing will help us to have a baby. If anyone has any more suggestions I would love to hear them. I'm now using a BBT and OPK to help. I ovulated this weekend and hope I was able to conceive. If not we will continue to try.

I am 28 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS and endeometriosis at 16 years old and had all the symptoms that go along with them. In my early 20's The problems began to intensify and after many unproductive tries was able to find a very caring and attentive doctor that took me and my illness very seriously. I have had 5 surgeries for removal of numerous and some very large cysts (one the size of a grapefruit). After the removal of the large cyst the doctor told me and my husband that if we ever wanted to have children we needed to start trying right away.

Having PCOS made trying to conceive very difficult as one of my symptoms was that I never got my period, sometimes for a year at a time. My doctor put me on Provera for 7 days to induce a period and then started me on Clomid. I was only able to take half of the normal dosage as of course the ovulation itself was causing painful cysts and enlarged ovaries. I was on Clomid for almost 6 months with no results when the doctor did exploratory surgery to make sure everything was okay. They found that some of the scaring tissue from the endometriosis had caused one of my ovaries to attach itself to my back causing my uterus to pull and be tilted. This of course was part of the reason I couldn't get pregnant and would have ended in miscarriage even if I had.

We began the Clomid again and after another 6 months went back to see the doctor. I was told that a higher dose of Clomid or different fertility drugs were not and option due to the sensativity of my ovaries, our only option left would be to try IUI. My husband and I had decided to go ahead with the doctors suggestion the following month but never made it that far. The very next month I found out I was pregnant. We now have a 4 year old little boy.

I come from a very large supportive family and have 4 sisters that have all been diagnosed with PCOS. 4 out of the 5 of us have children. One of them, my older sister, also had to undergo fertility treatments and had one child with the first round and triplets the second time around.

I just pray that my message can give a little bit of hope to some of you out there. I know it is not an easy journey to make but is definately possible and worth it. My best advice is to find a doctor that knows and understands you and your condition to make it a little less painful.

I was diagnosed with suspected polycystic ovaries when I was 13 years old and had developed symptoms such as obesity, mood swings, irregular menses and lethargy. I felt that my body is in a constant state of dysynchrony. The weird thing was I had been under o and g care on and off between age 19 years to 29 years old and the issue of insulin resistence was never addressed. Eventually, I developed symptoms of pre diabetis and is confirmed diabetic at age 30 years (now fully confirmed PCOS) when I underwent subfertility investigation and later fertility treatment (age 25 years to 35 years old). I have undergone every test, monitoring, and procedure eg. basal temperature, LH surge and ovulation tracking, clomid trials, and IVF. The results had suggested inconsistency in every cycle.

I thought my body was undergoing premature aging and was about to give up trying for a child. God must have heard my sorrows! My body begins to behave like a regular female after my insulin resistence condition was handled by an endocrinologist and was given high dose of metformin. Slowly the menstration cycles became regular and then predictable at 28-29days cycle. Ovulation and cervical fluids also became more similiar what was described in text books. In order to increase my chances of pregnancy, I also started aggressive traditional chinese medicine regime, accupuncture and western fertilty treatment. I became pregnant at age 33 and 36 years old with controlled diabetis and controlled hypertension and I am a happy mum of 2 beautiful children. My health has improved tremenduously.

My recommendation is seek treatment early and check out the condition with specialists from different fields. Persevere and be consistent until your goal is reached. There will be many different opinions from the same discipline, but it is still the patient's own discretion to filter the knowledge. Improve the health status before embarking on the pregnancy journey. My success stems from years of close monitoring and aggressive treatment. It was not an easy journey. It can be attainable but be prepared for the hard work.

Successful mum of 2

i am 19 years old i have a two year old son and i had a lot of problems with my delivery i had a c section that was infected i had to get cut open again and i was left open to heal from the inside out i was having really bad stomach pain for about ten days straight so i went to the emergency room they told me i had a cyst on my ovary they put me on birth control it helped the pain but about a year later i started having the pain again i went to 3 different doctors no one could help the last doctor i went to told me i had ploy cystic ovaries and put me on metformin because i gained alot of weight and it was really hard for me to loose weight so i been on the pill its not helping at all it makes me sick all the time and i have gained another 10 pounds i really bothers me that i have this because i i may get married one day and i will be unable to give my husband a child it really hurts me i think it is really sad

I was sitting and reading some of the things that the women had to say and some of them were saying the they cry a lot. something that i have noticed is every time i get up set or mad or even start talking about some things i start to cry. what is going on with that. i am a very tough person and with i was 15 years and younger i would almost never cry for anything. what is going on.

Hi I'm 17 years old and I just found out that I have pcos. Well I can tell you that I found this out on 2/18/10. I just turn 17 in dec. My mom told me that there was a chance that it would be hard for me the have kids. That is the only thing i am scared about. Reading some of thing the ladies at the top have wrote about the pain they have, I can deal with pain, but I dont think I could deal with not be able to have a baby when I am older. I fear that I will be able to have a baby and the baby will have problems. I have always wanted kids, I love kids. I always have wanted to get married and have at least 3 kids, but hear about this I am afraid that I will not get my dream to come true.


l forgot to add my age i am 31 years my husband and i have been trying for 4yrs with no luck but thats with no meds. we are going to the doctor at the end of the week to start our fertility meds and go from there well wish me lots of luck and baby dust.

Hello I am new to this site .I am so happy i found others like I wanted to take some time and tell my story.I have 2 boys 15 and 12 after my 12 year old was born i went on birth control called depo provera( my cycle was normal and i never had a fertility problem before this ) and I only took that twice after coming off i did not get my period for a year and once i did finally get my period it was painful and it would not stop so i was put on birth control pills to regulate my cycle which it did but later i was told i have pcos and that was 10 years ago i have the hair growth i am about 70 pounds over weight and my cycles are usually 35-45 days i havent had my period since dec 9th my period is never missing this long i am having lower back pressure kind of a dull ache also hot flashes a mild cramping that comes and goes and sore nipples and breast but all my hpt comce up negative i have taken 3 so far help can anyone shed some light on my situation ??? i am going back to the doctor to be seen 02-19-2010 im sure they will put me back on metformin ( i stopped because it made my stomach upset).


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