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What Causes Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)?

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is indicated by many small cysts in the ovaries. Health care professionals may also call it polycystic ovary disease, polycystic ovaries, Stein-Leventhal syndrome, or polyfollicular ovarian disease.

PCOS affects about 5 percent to 10 percent of women of childbearing age and occurs among all races and nationalities. It is the most common hormonal disorder among women of reproductive age and is a leading cause of infertility. It is estimated that as many as 30% of women have some characteristics of the syndrome.

The ovaries of women with PCOS produce higher than normal amounts of androgens (male hormones) which can interfere with the development and release of eggs. Normally when an egg matures, the follicle (sac within the ovary that contains eggs) releases the egg so it can travel to the uterus for fertilization. With PCOS, the eggs in these follicles may not mature or in some case egg maturation is altered. Instead of being released during the menstrual cycle, the follicles build up in the ovaries and form cysts. Because they are not ovulating and releasing an egg each month it is common for women with PCOS to have irregular or missed periods.

What Causes PCOS?

The exact cause of PCOS is unknown. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is called a syndrome rather than a disease because it has many possible causes or characteristics, rather than one known cause. Although the ovaries of women with this syndrome contain a number of small cysts, women without PCOS may also have a similar number of cysts. For this reason, researchers believe the cysts themselves may not be causing the problem.

It is believed the leading cause of PCOS could be insulin resistance. Women with PCOS are often found to have a malfunction of insulin production, formation, or action. Too much insulin signals the ovaries to release higher-than-normal levels of androgens. Elevated insulin levels are unhealthy and may eventually increase your risk not only for infertility but also for diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease.

PCOS may also have a genetic predisposition and run in families. However, there is not yet enough scientific evidence to prove the condition is inherited.

If you have PCOS-related infertility it is probably due to the inability of the ovaries to release an egg, or the ovaries are releasing eggs that are not fully developed. However, not all women with PCOS have difficulty becoming pregnant. To learn more about PCOS, visit Fertility Authority's PCOS Channel.

Watch these videos about PCOS:

To connect with other women with PCOS, please join our PCOS Support Group.


Comments (191)

Hello ladies. I am so glad that I found this page. I am 27 years old and have not got a period since I was 24. I only got my 1st period at 20 and that was regulated by BC pills. I recently found I that I have PCOS. I don't really have the weight issues though. I am a consistent 120 lbs for the past 5-10 years. My husband and I have been ttc since we were 24. If finding out I have pcos wasn't a big blow the doc's decided to throw another hurdle at me by diagnosing my with a septated uterus. I have 2 cervices and a septated vagina as well. My husband and I just had an appt with a maternal-fetal specialist who told us without the pcos our chances of having a successful pregnancy at only about 60% with the chance of miscarriage and premature delivery being really high too. We have another appt next week and the reproductive endocrinologist wants to put me on metformin and clomid and see what happens. I am a little concerned about the metformin since I already have "low sugar" issues when I get all shakey and almost pass out. Thanks for letting me vent and my thoughts are with all of you as you go through your journeys!!

Hello ladies, I see that alot of us are going thru the same thing. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 7 years ago, I too had irregular periods thru my teen years, and the most irregular in 04, which i only actually had one period that whole year. I went to the doc, they put me on metformin, and it helped me within two months to get pregnant. i lost that one at 7 1/2 weeks, and I stopped going to the doc (bad mistake) and i stayed off my metformin for about 3 1/2 years. still had really irregular periods, and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 8 years. He encorraged me to go to the doctor again, and i got back on my metformin, and within two months i was pregnant again! that was back in dec of 09, and I have recently miscarried again (two weeks ago) at 7 1/2 weeks as well. Now i am still on my metformin, and they have found out that my progestrone level was really low, but it was too late for this pregnancy to get it to fully work. Now the next time i am pregnant, i am to start my progestrone pills as soon as i find out. hopefully, this time it will grow and develope the way it is supposed to! so we are keeping our fingers crossed, and if we do have to go down the road of IVF, so be it. I hope all of you ladies find the answeres you are needing, and if anyone needs to talk i am around the Southern Indiana are, and my email is


I just happened upon this site today and I am so happy that I did. I am 36 and have been dealing with the up's and down's (mostly down's--extreme weight gain, facial hair growth, moodiness, unpredictable periods, and no "drive" if you know what I mean) of PCOS for atleast 15-17 years. I can identify with much of what has already been shared in previous comments and feel for what all you ladies are going thru.
Living with PCOS is definitely a challenge. I also am a diabetic and have gastroparesis (which is a severe digestive disorder that can go along with diabetes). I have taken metformin, but could not tolerate it....(so now I am on glucophage) and for many years I was taking birth control to help regulate my periods and symptoms of PCOS--IT DOES HELP!! Of course, I still have episodes of pain and months of periods missed which prompt more blood work, scripts or injections of progesterone, and "fancy" pelvic exams. I too, like one other writer, asked my GYN on several different accounts to remove my ovaries only to have him respond that I was/am too young and that I had/have no children and that I would regret the decision later.
My concern now is that I have skipped my period for the last 6-7 months. In response I've been taken off birth control...gone thru all of the usual steps described above and my GYN is now recommending that I lose weight (which I seem to always be trying to do with no success) and undergo a uterine biopsy. I understand that the procedure is not complicated and that it is done in-office but it just makes me a little nervous. I'd be happy to chat further or if anyone has any recommendations/advice for me please reply to

I was told when i was 19 that i had PCOS! Then I got married and we wanted kids... I have been trying to have a family for 6 years with lots of failed attempts... i became pregenat in feb. of 2009 and in june of 2009 gave birth at 20 weeks to a baby boy who was not alive... I would say having this sucks! i am tired all the time... I have had so many cysts brust it hurts so bad! I am on so many different drugs a month to try and have a baby... I just want a family is that to much to ask???

I agree that PCOS is an unwanted disease to the women. This disease is not wanted by any women. Specially this effects a lot in the time of pregnancy.I really can understand that you got a lot of problem to get pregnant and all you desire is the good family of yours.There is nothing you can do rather keep good hopes and stay positive.And still sorry for every loss you have made.

Oh Tia, I am so so sorry for your loss!!
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hi everyone. im hope and i am 16 yrs old.i just came back frm the doctor and he said i might have polycystic ovarian disease..i hadnt had my period in 2 yrs and i am growing facial hair like on my chin and mustache boobs havent been growing they stay the same..i have acne and i weigh about 130 pounds..ive been gaining weight like crazy it seems.. i dnt know wat to do. he put me on birth control and i have to start taking it for 3 months and i have to check back with him. i am new to this.its pretty scary! i have no idea if i do or not... so anyone know wat i can do?? or is similar to this or something? plz tell me thanks!! :)

I feel your pain... I found out when I was 19... I have the hair on my face too.. my boobs are huge though.. lol I never got my period either... When i would get it it would stay for like 2-3 months at a time... I went on the pill it helps alot!!!! If you do have this you will be on the pill for the rest of your life unless you are trying to have a family! or at least that is what I have been told I am 30 now and have been on the pill sence i was 12... well i am trying to have a family so not right now but whatever!... gaining weight sucks and yes with this you do gain... you have to work out all the time or it never goes away... by all the time i mean like 3-4 times a week... if you have any ques. just email me!!!

hello everyone, i have not had the tests ran because the doc i had said it wasnt necessary for the diagnosis(i disagreed which is why hes not my doc anymore) that was after i had a miscarriage. i had not been on birth control for two years before i got prego and its been almost two years since i miscarried and i have had no luck. i have tried all the natural herbs i think i can find, the ovulation sticks just dont seem to ever really show a true pos. im frustrated to no end right now. does anyone have any advice for me? i do have kaiser for insurance but i have heard that their fertility treatmens and docs are very expensive because they dont cover fertility....does anyone have kaiser that could help me out with some things? anyone with any sugestions would help. my periods as a teen were irregular and i had giant clots and bled verrrry heavily for 10-14 days, after i got off birth control they were regular up till i found out i was miscarrying which i knew a week before it happend via ultrasound i was 6 weeks. now the days between a period are anywhere from 35- 48 days and the period itself only 2-3 days and recently its just 5-8 days of very light spotting. its odd i dont know what to do. i cant go to the doc quite yet so any help is very much appreciated. please email me at

hi...i learned a lot from reading in these pages.i've been wanting to conceive for almost 2 years now but of to no & my husband went on to work up w/ various ob/doctors.i've taken clomid, polynerve-E & vits.i've undergone HSG/hesterosalpingography & have done the TVS.all results are ok including that of my husband's results.i have an averted this type has a hard time to get pregnant?pls. help.i'm 30 yrs. old and still had no baby...pls. help.thanks.

I am 18 yrs old and I havent been getting my period for 8 months now. Last week was my first gynecologist visit ever. I was really nervous because I knew something was wrong with me. My doctor had told me that I have PCOS. I am wicked upset and devastated about it and I dont have anyone really to talk to about it. My mom and my sister can pop out babies like it's not a big deal and although I know I am too young to think about having children, I've always wanted to be a mother more than anything. To have this pop up in my life and telling me that it will be extremely hard or not be able to have children of my own is very depressing and I dont know what to think. I have been reading everything I can about this disease and it just makes me cry. I need to get tested for diabetes and I'm scared about that as well. This news is making me feel less of a girl and I know I shouldnt think that way it is just very upsetting to me. No one is making a big deal in my family but I feel like it is a big deal to me. I start my medicine and getting blood taken next week. I'm extremely nervous. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on dieting tips for me. That would be great.

hi i am 17 and in a month i will be 18 i went to the doctor today and found out the i have PCOS and i know how u feel for the last three years i have been talking about how i cant wait tell im financially stable and settled down and now i am finding out that i may not be able to have kids it sucks i almost cried when she told me that. but the only good thing is i have something to blame my wieght and hair on..... i start me testing and stuff in a few days i am very worried too!

Hey Gabby,

I just want to say that Acupuncture has really helped me... In fact it's changed my life. I'm 25 and I don't know for sure if I have PCOS, I haven't had a gynecology exam since the symptoms really emerged because I believe in healing myself.... Anyway, the symptoms I was/am presenting are pretty much right on with the diagnosis: unwanted facial hair, irregular/long cycles, extreme moodiness, bad cramps, adult acne around the chin and jaw. The only thing I don't have a problem with is weight. When I first got my period around age 13 it started out really irregular and I just never thought about it... no one ever educated me about what was normal. In fact, I believe that one precipitating factor to my hormonal development was a general terror and discomfort about "growing up". At age 15, i went on Birth Control for acne (though it was a mild case of acne, I think my parents just wanted to avoid the safe sex talk...) and was on BC until I was 20. During that time, I never thought about my cycle, never learned about my body, or got in touch with it. I mostly just avoided it due to fears and inhibitions and carelessness. Around age 20, I wanted to do an experiment, and see what happened when I went off the pill.... Anyway, after I stopped the pill my cycles got further and further apart until they disappeared for 8 months... which I later learned was very common, and all that worry was useless! Usually, after quitting meds of any sort, cycles resume their old patterns. Eventually, when I got my period again... it was just spotting now and then. Finally, there seemed to be some sort of pattern, every 29-50 days for a long time.... this really worried me. Then my hair started falling out, I got really pale, low energy, lifeless... I started getting sick about a week before each period was about to start, I had to pee all the time... I got scared and worried, and finally walked into an acupuncture office and asked for help. I had no idea what PCOS was, what thyroid problems could do. Anyway Within a few months, my hair stopped falling out, I felt like I had normal energy again, I was learning tons and tons about myself, my life path and development. I was taking chinese herbs to restore my strength and my periods had greater predictability. For a while, cramps worsened, and bleeding was heavier, but I gave it TIME... which most people don't do, and I emphasize that this may take years to resolve. Along with all this, I started forcing myself to be active, go to bed at a normal time and I also stopped drinking coffee, chocolate, sugar in most forms, gluten, dairy and cold foods. I certainly would go in and out of this dietary regimen, but it sure helped a lot! Coffee has been the hardest thing to quit, but also the most essential. My acne got worse for about a year, and recently it's dramatically cleared up. right as I was losing hope things got a lot better. Furthermore, the hair situation, which was the most upsetting of all in some regards, improved... not 100% yet, but noticeably. It's completely manageable now. Also, recently I started charting my cycles via the "fertility awareness method", which doesn't offer much direct help to PCOS people, but certainly is empowering me to finally get a hold of what my hormones, and body are doing. (this will really help your doctors too! They would benefit greatly from having a chart with notes on it that you've been compiling for a while... it takes the guess work out of diagnosis...) Now, I might have a "longer than average cycle" but I at least know when I have an anovulatory cycle, when I do ovulate and what to expect just by taking my temperature and checking cervical fluid. It's helped me demystify my body and be more pro-active... and that in and of itself seems to have made great improvement in my fertility.

So my words of wisdom:

Check out the books:
taking charge of your fertility
the garden of fertility
The infertility cure

These are the supplements I took:
Vit D (liquid)
cod liver oil (
multivitamin (actually a prenatal, just because it seemed less intense and more fertility nourishing)
Chinese herbs (it's different for every one)
nettle leaf tea (infusion style)

what I did:
Acupuncture TX regularly for the past 2.5 years
reduced stress
held the intention to heal (you've got to be willing to heal more than ANYTHING!)
got regular massage
tried really hard to stop worrying so much!
didn't listen to all the drug advice out there. They all have horrendous side effects. (my dad is a doctor, and he's the one who pushed it the hardest... that was tough for me!)
massage my abdomen once a day
did castor oil packs on my belly when I could
stopped being a workaholic
developed better relationships with myself, and people I love
developed greater self esteem.
went to a naturopath to learn more
went to bed earlier

...and many other experiments along the way..

My last advice.... do what you have to do, but please don't be devastated... your so young and have time to work through all this. You are so blessed to have this information at 18 and not 30! Your mind can be so so so powerful, and the words of "authority" i.e. docters, this web-site etc. can be very influential in negative ways. Perseverance furthers!

And by the way, it's not like I've got loads of money or anything, I just made acupuncture and herbs my top priority, and I believe anyone can make it happen!

I truly wish you good luck!

I am so happy I found this page. I am 35 and only a year ago found I had pcos. Unfortunatly I am on the very high end. I no longer have any periods, I have full facial hair, my weight is out of control, I get pain on one side or the other when a cyst burst and hemmorages into my ovary. Not sure yet what I am going to do about it. I am happy to say I was very young when I had my 2 boys. I was 13 though when they removed a cyst the size of a softball. My periods stopped at 19. Thanks for your comments. It gives me hope that I am not the only one.

I have had PCOS For about 7 years know...I did the Metformin thing for a year or so but got really sick...My sugar dropped so low one morning at work I was rushed to the ER...How I found out that I has PCOS I was joking with my DR. I said Look I can grow a beard and I almost never get a peroid and I'm Gay....Do you think I'm a man??? She jokingly said lets do some blood work to check your hormonies and see If your right....Later that week She called me and told me that I have PCOS....Know years later I haven't been on anything to help it....I have a grate girl friend that I don't want to have sex with....There's just no drive left...I have to shave my face evey morning....I have gained about 80 lb. in 7 years....And mood swings....I'll will tear you to peaces....What can I do to fix this????I have asked my OB to remove my ovaies and at 28 years old they can't....Any comments of help please e-mail me subject-PCOS thanks

Oh Cassidy, it can be so frustrating when you're trying to find treatment that works for YOU!! There are other treatments for PCOS like modifying your diet and going on birth control pills. But will they help you? Only you and your doctor will know for sure. I encourage you to go back to your doc and if she can't help, ask for a referral to an endocrinologist who specializes in helping people handle hormonal dysfunctions. You deserve to have a healthy, happy life -- some of us just have to fight harder for it!!

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thanks for the reply Claire...Yea I have been on birth control for about 4 years now...I have gone to an endocrinologist before but she was just so nasty to me I walked out...She said to me "This isn't a weight loss program! What do you want me to do for you? " I said I have no idea I'm not the Dr. So I walked out...I have to find anyothere one by me...She was the only Dr. in an 2 hour drive from me...I have been losing weight for some reason latly 15 pounds in 2 months I thought that was a good start....Well thanks again for the reply...


*What do they look for to know if I had polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?
* Will Clomid help me ovulate?
*Is there a connection with diabetes, hormone levels and polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

I am 38 years old and I have been trying to get pregnant for the last four years. I worked in childcare for most of my life and never imaged my life without becoming a mother to my own children. I recently bought those urine tests that you can daily keep track of your ovulation. My cycles have always been crazy, so it recommended to use the first one on day ten and just continue throughout the month until you detect the LH surge. I have gone through 5 boxes now and never detected a LH surge. Its helped me at least see why all our efforts have been fruitless all these years. I have had hormone tests and ultrasounds, but I dont remember any mention of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
Is there a connection with diabetes, hormone levels and polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? I also noticed more than one mention of a overweight ness on this site.
Is that a tenancy? I am not diabetic, but I have problems with low blood sugar levels for over twenty years. I remember that when I was on birth control pills for six months, I had a yeast infection that lasted the whole six months until I quit taking the pill. My GYN said there was not a relation between yeast infections and birth control pills, but I heard that diabetics often have yeast infections when on hormone therapy or birth control pills.

I am not sure if anyone has answered your questions yet. So I will go ahead and try to answer them to the best of my ability. I have PCOS and from my research and from my doctors have told me PCOS symptoms are abnormal weight gain, excess growth of hair, weight is usually carried in the waist, hormone levels are abnormal and irregular or absent periods. I am not sure Clomid will help you ovulate I believe it does however, I know they don't necessarily like to prescribe Clomid because it could lead to multiple births and its main use is infertility. I believe they would prescribe metformin first but in some cases in someone wanting to conceive they might put you on metformin and clomid together. Yes, there is definitely a connection between diabetes, hormone levels and PCOS. There is an very good video on youtube that was made by a doctor that talks about the links of these things. The video was very informative to me and put in terms I could understand.
Also you mentioned whether or not being heavy is associated with PCOS yes it is definitely associated with PCOS. I believe PCOS affects your hormones which in turn doesn't let our bodies absorb insulin properly so our insulin levels are off. Because we don't produce the hormone to absorb the insulin our bodies make throwing our glucose levels and hormone levels and weight gain typically easier than it is for others.

Hi Michelle--
I'm sorry that you're journey to become a mother has been such a difficult one. I encourage you to seek out a fertility specialist and have a full hormonal work-up. Unfortunately, a gynecologist may not have the expertise to diagnose the issue and might be missing some of the signs. Research shows that there is a connection to diabetes and PCOS and yes, hormone levels can be checked to help get that PCOS diagnosis.

Many women have had success with Clomid and for women with blood sugar issues, their doctors may prescribe glucophage along with Clomid. But this is why it's important to see a specialist. Clomid is sometimes called the aspirin of infertility because doctors prescribe it so readily but women need to be monitored while on it and they also should have their partners tested as well as have other diagnostic tests to be sure that ovulation is the issue and that there aren't other issues like low sperm count or blocked tubes.

You can look for an RE in your community through our search (in that box labeled "Get Started" on the right).

I wish you much luck in the new year!!


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hi, i'm an 18 year old girl and I have had this problem of irregular periods since pretty much last year. I gained so much weight and did have abnormal hair growth in the very less common areas such as chest, stomach. Whenever I go talk to my doc, she puts me on birth control and knowing that its gonna make me gain weight just discourages me and i never take it. It worries me a lot and i'm gonna go for an ultrasound. Do any of you guys know if this thing's always gonna make me gain weight. It gets soo frustrating after a while when you're 18 and you look not fit. Also, when before I used to be athletic and fit, whereas now I fel tired and my self esteem is like buried in the ground. I feel bad for myself :(

Hang in there I use to be really fit and I gained alot of weight to. I have gained more latetly. My weights constantly going up and down because my PCOS im tired of it but its so hard to regulate. Your not alone :)

Please don't lose hope in yourself I know how you feel I'm 20 now and I use to also be fit ah=nd thin and now I look 4 months pregant but the said thing is that I may never get to have Kids and I really want kids. I work at the Hospital in town and I started walking on the tredmill and have notice some progress. so even though you stay tired try to work out maybe some yoga would help. I'm on the birth control pill called sprintec and i seem to do good on that and I don't seem to be gaining weight on it so you might give it a try. Just stay away from the Depo shot I t made me gain 10 pounds in one month. Well good luck hope thing work out for you. Nette

I was 20 when I started to have symptoms of PCOS. I was very athletic and played Tennis for college. I stated missing periods, gaining a bunch of weight and having sevre headaches. I went to many doctors and no one could figure out what was wrong with me! Finally I went to an eye doctor that found that I had swollen optical nerves that was caused by a fake tumor (extra water on my brain) that was caused by gaining so much weight so fast and having PCOS. I gained 75 pnds in one year!!! I felt miserable not only because I was getting fat but I had never been fat my whole life. I then went to many doctors and they put me on metaphormine and it helped me lose about 30 pnds and if I would still take it right i would probably lose more weight but it makes my stomach so upset and you have to go to the bathroom all the time and where I work I can't always get to a bathroom.

I recommend counseling! It really helped for me! I do feel better about my self and I don't let this syndrome hold me back from doing things that I enjoy! I use to be 140 pnds before my dignosis and now I weigh 270. My weight and pants size flucuates from 16 to 20. I'm now 29 and I have been trying to have children for about 3 years. It is really rough but you are young and you can exercise and eat right and that will help with the weight and it will help with the chemicals in your brain to make them feel better too! Good Luck! And just remember you are not alone! Find good support systems!!!

I went for blood work a yr ago and my levels were off so i went for a sonogram and the dr said I had pcos. For the past 3 months my period had stopped out of no where. so now i have to take progestrone to enduse is since im trying to have a baby. I also tryed clomid to help me get pregnant but no luck hoping to see the endo dr for more help.anyone else in my boat? email me

i also have pcos and i am 28 now i was diagnosed with it back in october and my doctor had me in for ovarian drilling that was november 2nd 2009 i have not become pregnant but my period started in january by itself. in 2009 i had my first period in january and didn't have another one until my doctor started it with meds. I am not pregnant yet but i will test in a few days to see if it worked this month. I have tried clomid which gave me double vision so i can't use that and was switched to famera which has not helped yet, but the doctor is going to have me keep using it. My husband and i have been trying for 5 years now. PCOS is when your body produces a lot of the male hormone which causes cysts to cover you ovaries so the female hormone can not get through to your eggs my eggs wouldn't grow past 2 or 3 days. Since the surgery my very painful periods since i was 12 have not been has bad in january it wasn't bad at all and they say it can take a couple of months from the surgery for you to feel less painful periods. my fingers are crossed this month.. Good luck to everyone



Stefne3780, I encourage you to check out our new PCOS group here:

We're building our groups now and adding new functionality all of the time. Please check it out and join up to connect with others who know what you're going through.


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the doctor that i when to told me that i have pcos while back ago and iam trying to have kids and you help me out here.

I was told today that the dr thought i had pcos 6 months ago and i stil dont understand why she did not test me but it does not even matter, im nineteen and overweight and now my dr told me that there is a good chance i will never have kids, is it that badd or is she serious??

Thanks for all the questions and comments here and for sharing your advice. If others can help, please chime in!

I wanted to make sure you all saw the other information we have on FertilityAuthority regarding PCOS:

PCOS: Symptoms
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You can also read other news, blogs and feature articles that have been written about PCOS here.

karu, I'm worried about your daughter! I home you have taken her to see a doctor . . .

Laurie Gordon
Executive Editor

I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts when I was 11. I have done everything from BC to Meditation. I did more research last year with the help of my sugaring lady( Sugaring being the best hair removal process) and I found that Spearmint tea lowers androgonen in both men and women. The side effect is getting used to being less horny. It did regulate my periods and I did cry like a girly girl...alot! But it was better than hormone treatments. My Sugaring lady also said you should have your Dr. remove the cysts. She said it'll be like pulling teeth to convince them to do the procedure but that she had it done and it was worth it. Whe got pregnant right after and her extra hair disapeared. I hope this helps...

31 with one kid:)

I was just hoping you could tell me how long it took before you started seeing and feeling the results of the Spearmint tea reducing the androgonen?
Also, how much and how often did you drink the tea?
I am a 20 year old woman who just literally just learned about PCOS. And who has just learned that there is a very high possibility that I may have PCOS.

I am 45 and have had PCOS since I was 16. Yes irregular periods once every 3-4 months when I was young. Then diagnosed with Diabetes at age 26 directly related to the PCOS. Went through extensive infertiltiy and was unable to concieve. I was then started on Glucophage for the diabetes, but this also help with the PCOS and my ovulation cycle. It was almost 4 years after starting Glucophage that I was acutally having regular periods. My Ob/GYN had ordered a progesterone level to be drawn on day 14-16 of my current cycle. Well the story ends nicely in the fact that I forgot to get the blood test drawn, but five weeks later I discovered I was pregnant. Yes my miracle baby from God. When discussing this with my OB/GYN and endocrinologist they are 98% sure that the Glucophage helped with the regulation of my ovulation cycle making it possible to get pregnant. My periods are now regular and like clock work. I would suggest getting a referral to an Endocrinologist and seeing if strating on a low dose of Glucophage would help with your daughters symptoms related to her difficult cycles (dysmenorrhea). I hope this helps. I have gone through alot and I am happy to say my symptoms have been relieved, I no longer take the Glucophage seconday to side effects but my cycle remain regular.

I went in for a ultrasound and was told that I have pcos about 3yrs ago. I have had about 4 miscarages and my cycles are never on time. And when i do get one its only for about 2-3 days long. I got on birth control to regulated them and when they started to reglate I try to concieve again with no sucess. I started missing cylces again thinking that I might of been pregnant but all test have been negative. My cycles have become even more eregular over the last 4 months. I have become abnormally tired and dizzy. Is there anyone who has these symptoms?

Hi my name is pattie and I am 27 years old I was told at a young age that the doctors didn't know what was wrong with me for as long as I could remember my periods where very painful and irregular I would have to miss school bc of the pain.... Midol and pamprin wouldn't help... I was on birth control through my teens and my cramps where always in my uterus I never had back pain. I got married at 20 and was diagnosed with pcos when I was 21 after 2 miscarriages... They did blood work, scrapings and ultra sounds. Finally after 4 rounds of clomid I was able to get pregnant with my daughter who is 4 now she is a precious gift to me and I want another child now that I am divorced and engaged to a new man... But my periods after I had my daughter got worse I would have 1 a year and it would last for a month or two and was very wired one week would be spotting and the next full on and heavy I was actually admitted to the hospital one year and almost has to have a blood transfusion due to the loss of blood plus I was anemic... When I first got with my fiancé my periods got more regular I went from once a year to every other month but just recently went backwards again I have went 6 months since my last one and I started the one I'm on now two weeks ago but this one is very different I feel like I have been hit by a truck... My whole body hurts and constant back pain and very moody... And for those of u out there that r trying to get pregnant and have pcos I found a natural remedy that from their reviews really works and has plenty of women who have pcos on it and getting pregnant with in months it's called Fertil Xx and they have Fertil Xy for men too look it up and they sell it online and at amazon...that is what I'm gonna try after I get married! Hope thi helps wanna talk more in private my email is

hi my name is lovely. I came from my obgyn today and found out that i have pcos. I am so worried and deppressed.

I'm so sorry to hear that - and I encourage you to get some good support and information. FertilityAuthority is a good place to start - take a look at our video library in addition to this page for some doctor's advice on PCOS. In addition, I encourage you to check out the community on You'll find forums on PCOS and other women in similar situations. Finally, and most importantly - you should talk to your doctor about ways to manage the symptoms of PCOS. A fertility doctor will provide you with a plan to manage symptoms as well information on getting pregnant with PCOS. There's a find a doctor search on every page of


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Raewyn Tierney

Birth control.. is simply that. Its birth control. Its meant to keep your ovaries from spitting out eggs by convincing the body that its pregnant, while still having a period every month. Most women cannot conceive while on birth control. Birth control is given to make the cycle more regular. That's about it. And to control acne break outs and such.

I can't take birth control because it makes my cramps so bad I can't move.

The best thing to do is to look into medicines specifically made to help you conceive. Like Clomid. :)

The dizzy might be because your iron is low. Don't take my word for it though, because I'm not a doctor. But in my experience because my period is so jacked up, and I have one for months at a time, (and I mean I'll have a "regular" one, then the rest of the month I bleed or spot. Its not fun), and because of that, my iron gets really low, and I have to take a vitamin supplament with Iron in it. This may be something you want to talk to your doctor about.

It could also be as simple as you are getting the right nutrients, in your diet. It could be a boat load of things. But if you are having those symptoms, you need to go to your doctor because women with PCOS, have a greater risk of getting blood clots and other issues associated with Birth Control, than the average woman who doesn't have PCOS and is on birth control.

a good site to look into, for anyone with PCOS, is Its a web forum ran by a doctor, and has lots and lots of women on it, who have PCOS. You can ask questions, talk to people your own age, in your own state, ect. You can even ask around about what to actually ask your doctor! :) Good luck, and I hope this helps anyone that has similar issues. :)

Hey there,....I too have PCOS severely. I have dizzy spells all the time like you all were mentioning. However--please feel encouraged ladies out there trying to get pregnant. I DID have a baby! What worked for me is going on birth control pills. I took them for a while to get regular, and then stopped taking them. 2 months after stopping the bc I got pregnant! It regulated my cycle so that I would ovulate and as soon as I stopped taking the bc I still ovulated for a couple of months which was long enough to get pregnant. My doctor also warned me that not doing something about it was bad. The longer you don't take bc or something the more infertile you become. So be weary of that but be encouraged you can get pregnant and have a baby.

i found out i have pcos about 3yrs. ago. ihave a cycle once a year. i have a 14yr.old son. i had a miscarriage when he was 2. i've tried for 10yrs. now
i have a doctor but with no luck. it sucks not to be able to have another baby. my next step i guess is to get a hisdrectomi.i feel for anyone with this syndrome.

i was told that i have pcos last year and i am trying to have a baby. i have been put in meds to regulate my periods. i am always tired and dizzy. my priods come only 1-3 times a year and my the days that i do get it its only for 2-3 days also. How far along were you when you had your miscarages.

I too have had dizzyness, a dermoid cyst which is when I was diagnosed with PCOS due to the polycystic ovaries they found when they did the surgery to remove one of my ovaries. I was devastated, and told I would not likely have children. I have two!

Six months after I began taking metformin I became pregnant on the pill after a series of antibiotics the first time and then I was breast feeding quite a bit when I became pregnant the second time. They took me off all medications the first time and the second time left me on the metformin and switched a med to prozac because of it's long history of information and lack of complicating births as apposed to the newer drug I was on ? It may have been Effexor XR?

I do not have the typical appearance I am 5'7" 136lbs now after a ton of stress but I was also that weight when I became pregnant. The children are 7 and 9 now. I also have some weird numbness feeling on the side of my head regulary. They CAT scanned me and blood tested me and found only slightly elevated blood sugar. I do not know if it was an A1C blood sugar test that tells more than a one time prick test.

I have Marfan Syndrome too. I do not think it's related at all. I have IBS with constipation and migraines too, both more likely related to the Marfan Syndrome.

Once I passed out coming out of a bar where I drank only soda and face planted in the mud. Talk about embarrassing knowing what people must have thought. My doctor diagnosed it as a likely vaso-vagal response to change in temperatures or stnading up too quickly since I have a low blood pressure. I did have to have electrolysis for five years and more intermittentlyafter that. Now I cannot afford it. anything that remains is minor and I deal withit using electronic a very fast moving tweezer hand held thing. like a man might have a shaver but its tweezing. Yuck I know. It is very upsetting. I feel very fortunate I have the two unplanned babse I do. I was 3 1/2 months pregnant the first time with no period, and that was not unusual for me so I onlyy took a test because a dress wouldn't fit thinking there was no way. One ovary and on birth control? It's possible. If you email me make it clear you are responding to this or I will shuffle it in the spam. I will answer what ever I can.
Best of luck to all.

Yes, I have the same thing going on. I have a two year old son, I was told very shortly after the birth of my son that I too has PCOS. My husband and I wanted to have another child shortly after our son. I went to the doctor and they put me on birth control and gave me metformin, with is a diabetic med that is also used for women with pcos. I was on the birth control for several months and then went off in hope of getting pregnant. I too, feel tired all of the time and still have no luck on getting pregnant. GOOD LUCK TO YOU

i do have the same symptoms as you. I have had irregular period for 10 years. I have period for every six months that lasts only 2-3 days. I want children but im afraid i can't due to this. Now i havent had period for a long time. Im only twenty five and Im scare i will never have one. Is anybody has the same circumstances.

I'm in the same situation... I used to have a cycle every few months, and now I don't have one at all. I went to the doctor a while back and they put me on several medications including metformin, but I would like to go a more natural route. I hate being on a lot of medicines with side effects. I'm researching and trying vitamins and horomones... Will update and let you know if anything works.

Hello Jen,
my name is melissa and i was just diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and i two have a similar situation, my period comes and goes when it wants to i have a period once every 4 or 5 months and i am very stressed out about it because I want children too I talked to my doc about it and she told me not to worry there are things they can do for me to make me more fertile one medicine is called metphormen, this medicine is supposed to regulate your periods. I would not take the birth control unless you don't want kids but in your case you do.


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