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Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Fertility Test

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The AMH test (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) is a blood test to help the fertility doctor assess the woman's ovarian reserve. The test measures the levels of AMH in a woman's blood and is helpful in determining whether a woman has premature ovarian aging (diminished ovarian reserve) or premature ovarian failure.

What Is AMH?

The Anti-Mullerian Hormone is a substance secreted by the granulosa cells in the developing egg sacs (ovarian follicles) . When a woman grows older, her number of ovarian follicles begins to decrease; therefore, the amount of AMH in the blood decreases.

A woman who has very remaining follicles will have low AMH levels and is close to menopause. A woman who has many small ovarian follicles — a condition known as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) — typically has high levels of AMH.

How AMH Is a Predictor of Ovarian Reserve?

Because AMH levels correlate with the number of ovarian follicles, the test is a good predictor of ovarian reserve. Researchers have found that women with higher concentrations of AMH have a better response to ovarian stimulation and are likely to produce more eggs for IVF (in vitro fertilization) than women with low or undetectable AMH. Also, unlike follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), the levels of AMH in the blood do not fluctuate as much; therefore the test can be done at any point during the menstrual cycle.

A low AMH indicates there is a problem with the quantity and quality of a woman's eggs. Women with low AMH tend to be "poor responders" to fertility treatment — even with high doses of fertility drugs.

It's important to ask your fertility doctor if he or she is using age thresholds when considering the AMH test because a woman's "normal" AMH range is also dependent upon age — the average AMH level in younger women is higher than the average level in older women. Therefore, a young woman with a very low AMH could have a similar level to an older woman who is considered to have an "average" AMH level for her age.

AMH only one of the tests that assesses ovarian reserve. Others include blood tests for FSH and estradiol levels and a vaginal ultrasound examination of the antral follicles.


Comments (15)

Hi there we are trying to have our first baby and I just turned 34 they said my AMH level was 0.07. Am I already having premature ovarian failure and menopause? I am not having any menopausal symptoms but I have been on birth control for years. We are currently being followed by a fertility clinic

hello i am 25 years old and i am trying pregnancy with IVF . my level is 2.58 is this sufficient to get pregnant with IVF

My understanding is that an AMH between 1 and 4 is normal. You should consult your doctor with any concerns you may have. Best of luck, Jenna

I am 35 years old and have an AMH level of 3.007 is there a chance for me to still conceive? I had my first child at 23 years old and would like to have another before I get to old. I have a sister who had a baby at 36 &my Twin sister is currently pregnant with a second child at 35. Should this give me some hope?

Hi Andria,

My understanding is that an AMH between 1 and 4 is normal. You should consult your doctor with any concerns you may have.


Hi Hanan,

If you are looking to schedule a fertility consultation, please give us a call! We would be happy to help you find a fertility doctor in your area. 1-855-955-BABY (2229).


Hi. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I have only one ovary and my AMH level is severely low at <0.16....We're seeing a fertility specialist next month. The strange thing is that I have regular periods and have a positive LH Surge with my ovulation kit every month. If you can help explain any of this or offer insight to my chances for pregnancy, I would really appreciate it

3.8 or higher is the normal range for a woman your age. If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than one year, or have other factors that might be a problem, you should see a fertility doctor. If you'd like more information, please contact our patient care advocates at 855-955-2229 or Best, Claire

Hi im 35 and just got my results they ate 62.4 what should they be for my age. They also said there was a possibility of me having pcos, could you please tell me what exactly this means. Is my ahm results too high? Thanks

Hi Sonia, Women with PCOS tend to have a higher AMH level. You should consult your fertility doctor to understand what this means specific to your fertility. Best, Kim

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