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Eating to Improve Your Uterine Lining

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Are there foods you can eat to strengthen and build the uterine lining, which would in turn aid with implantation and ongoing pregnancy?

The short answer is that if you’re following a fertility diet with an emphasis on no processed sugar, no overly processed foods, no trans fat, “good” carbohydrates, plenty of whole foods and grains, veggies and fruits, then you are in great shape for encouraging your lining to reach the thickness needed to support implantation — barring any underlining medical issue.

Normally, the uterine lining grows 1 to 2 mm every other day in response to estrogen. After ovulation, a lining of between 8 and 13 mm is considered normal. If the lining doesn’t develop to this thickness, it is harder for the embryo to implant. A few reasons this may happen include infection, scarring from D&Cs, low estrogen levels, poor uterine blood supply and sometimes endometrial antibodies.

If the causes are low estrogen or poor uterine blood supply, what you eat can make a difference. Estrogen is what causes our lining to grow. As we age, estrogen levels can decrease, affecting our lining. Our ovaries are just not putting out as much estrogen as they used to.

  • Limit sugar, which can upset the delicate balance of our hormones
  • Eat a healthy, mostly whole foods diet. Lyn Vaccaro, a holistic health practitioner, recommends eating foods that contain phytoestrogens, adding them in on a gradual basis. For a list of these foods, see her article.
  • Don’t eat peas, as they’re a natural contraceptive.
  • Eat soy with caution, as it contains a lot of phytoestrogens. See my blog on soy for more information.
  • Eat blood nourishing and iron rich foods, such as protein. Remember to eat meat lean and organic only. Besides animal protein, other good blood builders include: rice and oats, lentils and other types of beans and legumes, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, celery, mushrooms, and nuts and seeds.
  • Last, bringing more blood to your uterus also helps. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine work well to improve circulation and bring blood to the uterus.

If you're experiencing miscarriage or suspect an infertility condition, you should consider consulting with a fertility specialist.

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Comments (38)

Hi May,

Have you discussed your concerns with your OB/GYN? Or have you consulted with a fertility specialist? You may need to take an Estrogen Supplement. If you need help finding a Reproductive Endocrinologist near you, please email me at and I am happy to help.


My eggs are fertile but my lining is not can this be prevented.. Plssss help I need a baby

Hi Soni,

Have you consulted a fertility doctor? You may need some estrogen supplementation to improve your lining.


hello sir, i am 29, my endometrium thickness is not improved at any cost, my ivf specialist try every thing possibilities, but it is not improve, at last my ivf specialist decided to transfer the embryos, now the two weeks also completed , tomorrow my hcg hormone test, i am littile nervous, after transfer of embryo my endometrium thickness is developed or not ?please give me reply

Munni - I am sorry to hear that you're having concerns. I am not a doctor nor do I have any medical training to advise you regarding your endometrium thickness. I highly recommend that you discuss these concerns with your fertility doctor that is currently treating you.

hi,my age is 25. my egg size is 19mm in 15th day but my endo is 7mm in 16th day how to increase the endo in natural way

I'm 39 and my phy prescribe me 200 my of progesterone to take for 3 mos. Will this help me to conceive. I also have a fibroid the size of a pea but the phy stated this wasn't an issue

Hello Nicole - a tubal ligation is meant to be a permanent procedure. Depending on the type of tubal ligation you had (tied, cut/cauterized, clamps) it can be reversed if the doctor says that you qualify for a reversal. However, women who have a tubal reversal tend to have scar tissue and are at risk for experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. In rare cases when a woman's tubes were tied it has come undone but that is not a common occurrence. Most doctors recommend In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) if a woman had a tubal ligation.

I've had my tubes tied now for 10yrs. About to remarry and we both want a baby. Is there anything that we cn do to have it happen naturally or will it onky be by an act of God tht it happwns?

If your uterus is tilted will you still be able to conceive

yesterday night i feel like wet i went to check and its was thick dark colour of blood and i was it and wear pad....the next day when i check there is no more blood but there is brownish colour at the pad.. its just 22 days from my last period, what happened to me...but im planing to get conceive

Hi janny,

Some spotting could be normal in your cycle. You should consult your doctor to see what's going on.


Merr sadi ko 6 year ho gaye hai avi koi baby nahi hai doctor ne utres mdm infction bataya t v ki dawai kha li hai mera wait v kafi hai70kg mai kya karu

Hi all, just would like to know what is the best recommendation to get successful frozen embryo transfer, i had a fresh cycle and failed after 8 weeks, then the second time, was with my frozen embryo, but after two weeks, the pregnancy test was negative. I am devastated, just wondering if my frozen eggs are good quality or if i should get a test chromosome, but dont know if this is possible :(

First, have you expressed your concerns to your doctor? Second, did they do PGD on your embryos? That's the best way to know if your embryos are of good quality.

Pls tell me , my uterus thin & I have few small myoma can I get pregnant?

I can't give you medical advice. Has a doctor given you a diagnosis? How long have you been trying to get pregnant? Best, Claire

Me n my baby daddy trying to have our third baby but we try like 3-4 months now not pregnant is there anyway I can get help

The standard is to seek help from a fertility doctor after 6 months to one year of trying, depending on your age - or if you have any issues that might be affecting your fertility. Are you tracking your cycle and having intercourse around the time of ovulation?

You don't say how old you are or how long you've been trying. If you would like information on a fertility doctor in your area, please let me know. Best, Claire

is it possible to get pregnant with small size uterus.

If you are concerned, you should see a reproductive endocrinologist who can evaluate your uterus and advise you. Let us know if we can help. Best, Claire

If you'd like information about fertility treatment in your area, please contact us at 855-955-2229. Best, Claire

I hv 6year marrisge.but no baby.

what is the best diet for cervix nit to open at the mc time so that pregnancy occurs?

Hi - If you are trying to get pregnant and concerned about your uterine lining, you should see a fertility doctor for accurate diagnosis and treatment, if necessary. Please give us a call at 855-955-BABY and we will help you connect with a fertility doctor near you. Regards, Claire

Please advise me how to increase Uterus Lining in better conidition.

Just had d&c on may on ttc for 2nd fet bt very thin endo where dr cancelled my cycly...... how to thick the endo lining.... pls

I'm sorry to hear you're going through a difficult time trying to have a baby. If you're currently undergoing fertility treatment, I would suggest having a conversation with your doctor. If you'd like a second opinion, we are happy to help 855-955-2229. Best, Claire

there are ways to strengthen your core with a licensed TUPLER TECHNIQUE specialist in your area. We've seen amazing results. Good luck.

I have had one only recently and they told me I had a weak womb which they were gona put a stitch but it was too late I had an appointment at 1 but lost my my at 9am why the hell did they not do that straight away and what can I do to strengthen my womb up and for it not to happen again