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Prolactin Levels & Prolactin Testing

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Prolactin is a hormone that plays a role in fertility by inhibiting follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), the hormones that trigger ovulation and allow eggs to develop and mature.

Prolactin (also called luteotropic hormone) is also associated with the production of breast milk.

It is unclear what role prolactin plays in men, but it is clearly linked to infertility.

Why Would You Have Prolactin Levels Checked?

You would have your prolactin levels checked if you or your partner is having trouble becoming pregnant.

If you are a woman, you might also have your prolactin levels checked if you have stopped having your period or have any abnormal nipple discharge.

When Are Prolactin Levels Checked?

You can have your prolactin levels checked at any point in your menstrual cycle. Prolactin levels vary throughout the day, however. They are highest while you are asleep and first thing in the morning, so the test is usually done about three hours after you wake up.

Testing Prolactin Levels

A prolactin test measures the amount of the hormone prolactin in your blood.

High prolactin levels inhibit secretion of FSH. Therefore, if your prolactin levels are high, your ovulation may be suppressed. This is why women who are breastfeeding (and thus have high levels of prolactin) usually don’t become pregnant.

These high prolactin levels are often caused by prolactinoma, which causes a tumor to grow on your pituitary gland. This tumor then excretes excess prolactin in your body. Rarely, liver disease, kidney disease, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), shingles or hypothyroidism may cause high levels of prolactin.

Several common problems may also affect prolactin levels. Strenuous exercise, lack of sleep, and some foods and medications (especially some anti-depressants and painkillers) can raise prolactin levels. Your health care provider may give you information about how to prepare for the test so that the impact of these factors will be minimized.

Prolactin Levels and Fertility

If your prolactin levels are abnormal, the most important thing is to find out what is causing the irregularity and to try to treat it. It could be as simple as stopping particular prescription drugs you are taking, or could involve treating an underlying condition such as hypothyroidism. Your fertility doctor will work with you to discover and address any underlying problems with the hope of resolving your infertility. If elevated prolactin levels are brought down, the chances of pregnancy are usually excellent.


Comments (103)

Hi. My prolactine level is 39, TSh is 4.25 . I am trying to conceive from last 1 year. Is there any problem because of prolactine.

Hi, am 28yrs of age and am not having my menses for the last 2yrs. And am also want to conceive and my prolactin level is 6252. Am confused,What can I do now

Have you discussed this with your OB/GYN or a Reproductive Endocrinologist? If you haven't had your period in two years, it sounds like there may be an issue. If you'd like to find a doctor, please call us if we can help at 855-955-BABY (2229) or you can email

Your next step should be to see a fertility doctor, also known as a reproductive endocrinologist. He or she can do a complete fertility workup to determine why you are not menstruating, and offer a treatment plan. Our Patient Care Advocates can help you find a fertility doctor in your area. Our service is free. Please call or email 855-955-2229 or I wish you all the best, Claire

Hi my prolactin level is 37.49ng/ml. TSH- 1.89 mi/ml. irrregular period for two three months.blood pr. normal. now i am worried ,Can you suggest me what should i do the next.

Hi I have been diagnosed for prolactinoma and taken Cabergoline for a month and got my periods and the same month i got pregnant. Did I have to check my prolactin level throughout my pregnancy. Help me with this

Hi i had my tubes ties 6 years ago I've never missed a period but i haven't come on this month yet my stomach is growing and the Dr said my prolactin levels are high but should my stomach get big because of this I've taken 6 tests with positive results that doesn't show up right away but the Dr did a blood test that was negative what could this be

My prolactin level is 44.8ng/ml, What is the Best Medication Please.

We can't give you medical advice - I would suggest talking with the doctor who did the blood tests to understand your results. Best, Claire

I had a Macroprolactin blood test done along with other blood tests as I am having difficulty conceiving and the result showed Negative without any ranges. I dont know what Negative means for this blood test. Would you be able to explain to me if negative means normal please.

For the most accurate information, your doctor should explain the results of your blood tests to you. If you had a fertility workup, in addition to this test, your doctor can give you a more complete picture of your individual situation. Best, Claire 31 yrs old woman. My prolactin is 22.12ng/ml, testosterone 0.82 nmol/l, LH 9.78 mlU/ml and fsh 1.85 mlU/ml. Want to get pregnent. Can u suggest me about this. Thanx.

Well, I'm male and my prolactin levels are 55ug/L and my testosterone levels are 0.7 nmol/l . All my other levels look normal including thyroid and pituary functions/levels ( he did not test my estriol levels) Looks like I won't be having anymore children just now! I'm interested to know what you make of this over here. Regards, K.B

My prolactin level is 34.3ng/ml, and my menstruation getting delay (like 2 to 3months) but i am non pregnecy. can u suggest me abt this?

If you are trying to get pregnant and your are not getting your period, you really should see a fertility doctor who can do some testing to determine what the problem is. Our Patient Care Advocates can help you find a fertility doctor in your area. Call us toll-free at 855-955-2229 or email Best, Claire

hi i am 24 yr old i got married six months past. trying to conceive. i checked blood test my prolactine level is 69.58 ng/ml. i am worried now so whats the solution doctor...

Hi,my name is Ijeoma and I am 32 yrs of age,the last time I saw my period was in May 23rd,from that date till in August I felt pregnancy in my body but sudden d baby desapeared. I complained to my doctor and he advised me to do an harmonal inbalance test,which I did and here are the results : Prolactin11.1,1.0-7.5miU/l, FSH 1.2,2-12miU/ml, Progesterone 1.2,0.8-8.6nmol/l, LH 1.1,1-11miU/ml. After showing my doctor the result,he priscribed parlodel and M2-Tone and vitamine E and told me to use it for 10days which I just finished today and yet I have not seen my period since May 23rd till now.I really want my period to come. Please,what should I do next. Am really comfused.

I am 30 years old and was diagnosed with POF at the age of 23. Is there any hope for conceiving a pregnancy (without IVF) with mid cycle blood values (I'm assuming mid cycle...blood work was drawn after 6 months of no periods) of: FSH: 115 IU/L, LH: 77 IU/L, Progesterone: 5 nmol/L, Estradiol: 90 pmol/L, Prolactin: 5 ug/L and TSH: 1.83 mU/L? Androgen levels were not done. I have had 5 pregnancies with donor eggs & IVF, and 3 have been chemical/early mc. We were hoping for one more pregnancy but recently had failed IVF frozen embryo transfer and we don't have any embryos or the money left to do IVF again. Is there anything I can do/take to help us conceive without IVF? I don't mean to sound ungrateful for the beautiful miracles that we do have, but I would love to have one more!!

If you have POF and gotten pregnant with donor eggs and IVF, it sounds like that is best treatment for you to have children. I am sorry sorry to hear about your last failed cycle. Best, Claire

Can someone help me make sense of these results! Did i ovulate? Ive had to have another blood test for S Prolactin Fsh/LH to check levels again, these are my results if anyone can help make sense of them ;) FSH 5.6 mIU/ml LH 8.2 mIU/ml Possible chance of PCOS with above levels hence the re-test Oestradiol 299 pmol/1 progesterone 33.8 nmol/l prolactin 1435 mIU/l Prolactin recovery 82% SHBG 35 nmol/l testosterone 1.1 nmol/l THYROID FUNCTION TSH 2.58 uIU/ml Free T4 (Thyroxine) 20.0 pmol/l Im 33 ttc if that helps

My 16 year old daughter is having irregular period .From Jan 23-27 2012,till June 1st week she did not have then i consulted a gyneaic specialist she suggested various test ,i submit the report LH (CLIA)9.40 mIU/ml FSH (CLIA)2.24 mIU/ml,POLACTIN(CLIA)17.55 ng/ml free thyroid profile FREE T3(CLIA)3.09pg/ml FREE T4(CLIA)1.47pg/ml TSH 3RD GEN 2.35mIU/ml Please advise as to how to have normal menstrual cycle.

in 2004 due to breast milk discharge, i was found with Pituitary macroadenoma on the posterior of the gland. My first pregnancy was at 39y/o, im in nuw relationship, both will like to have baby, at least one, conscious is a high risk pregnancy, but we steel tring. my last evaluation with Endocrinology evaluation hormons status on normal ranges but i starting having discharge again, kind of oily dischage. Do you think i will not be able to have a baby?. Last eval 2012 my gynicologist stated my internal organs was fine and i may continuos with my periods that are monthy and regular, will be present until late 50. Please answer me thanks

Hi Carmen, A fertility doctor will have to evaluate your ovarian reserve to determine how likely you are to become pregnant at 52. If your ovarian reserve is good and all other hormones are monitored by a fertility doctor or high risk doctor, you might still be able to get pregnant. To contact a fertility doctor near you, give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or email Best, Kim

My prolactin 31 in red biro,dnt knw what it means, bt ve nt been able To conceive over 10 years

I am Himani. My age is 23(unmarried).My prolactin level is 46.19 and TSH is 8.74.In how much time it can be cure by taking proper medication.What are the future side effects of this problem???? Please reply

Hi Francia, If you have concerns about your prolactin levels, you should see a fertility doctor for a consultation and evaluation. Give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) and we will connect you with a fertility doctor in your area. Best, Claire

Hi - I'm sorry you are having a hard time getting pregnant and are concerned about your prolactin levels. I can't give you any medical advice, but if you've been trying to conceive for two years, you should see a fertility doctor. Give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or email Best, Claire

hi i am 28 yr old female and my prolactine level is 4.88ng/ml. i am traying about preganancy last 2 year is it problem in prolactine or not please replay

hi, i have been trying to conceive for a year now. i went to my local gp who suggested doing a blood test. my prolcatin came in at 360 so they repeated the test. I am still coming up too high. I am not sure what this means. should I be worried? i have been getting small pain in my lower stomach area for the past 2 months. could this have something to do with it? I am really worried please help

hi i am 32 yr old female andmy prolactine level is 70.39 ng/ml. i am worried now so whats the solution doc

hi, i am 29 year old female married in 2011 and had been trying for conceiving from last year. My test reports were TSH 5.8, Prolactin 23.59. my gnyne put me on thyronorm 12.5 mcg from april periods are missed from may 1 and go through preganacy test negative result my gyne gave me deviory forr five days still waitng for periods.really worried can anybody have suggestion please..

My prolactin level is 102-496. Don't understand what its means

I have recently given a sample for Prolactin , FSH, LH, Testosterone and Estrodiol, they are given results Prolactin 37.42 ng/ml FSH 2.72 mlU/ML LH 7.68 mlU/ML Testostiron 31.11 ng/dL Estrodiol 219.32 pg/mL Test Date 14th Jun Menstrual Date 17 Jun Please give me the results.

hello...I am trying for getting pregnant but some how i am not success in it.First i took some medicine in 2011 for 3 or 4 month.From December 2012 we are trying for getting pregnant but we were not success in it .So We were take sperm test,Hormones in that report Hormone 'prolactin" 80.37 in April after one month again i checked than 0.5 now what to do i didnot understood?Shall I get pregnant?I am very confussed.please give me reply.

Hi I started lactating lately but my period and ovulation has been regular,the doctor I met said I should get married early cause it can result to infertility.what do I do

Hi Gemma, Getting pregnant earlier in life will help in regards to age-related fertility, but it sounds like there might be an underlying issue that also needs to be addressed. Have you been working with a fertility doctor? Give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or email and we can connect you with a fertility doctor near you. Best, Kim

im 39 years old and i'm trying to conseive and my prolactin level is 51.6 i'm really sad i know i don't sleep well,i think that's part of my problem.

Hi Francia, Have you considered seeing a fertility doctor for a fertility evaluation? Give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or email and we will connect you with a fertility doctor in your area. Best, Kim

People are writing that that prolactin levels are around 30 and they are high I have a prolactinoma and have just had another bloodtest and the doctor told me that normal is anything below 500 mine is 1204 , I'm on cabergoline but still levels r high I am wanting to conceive Advice thanks

my prolactin is high level 38.19 but ovulate and menstruate regular but i am conceive please tell me any precautions.

If you are having difficulty conceiving and concerned about your prolactin levels, it may be time to see a fertility doctor. Our patient care advocates can help. Feel free to call us at 855-955-2229. Best, Claire

My prolactin level is 32. 96 but I ovulate and menstruate regular. I have conceived two times and had a miscarriage after the first week. Can anyone tell me the prob?

I want for serum prolactin test and the test result show 24.6 ng/ml, which they say is on the high side. pls could be my problem now?

Hi Elen, What you have is relatively very normal lab results for CD (cycle day) 3. You have a couple of values which are on the lower end, but that's not a concern. There is one slightly elevated value with the prolactin. You can read more about prolactin levels here: . Your prolactin, In my opinion, is only slightly elevated. It's likely your doctor would prefer to repeat the prolactin level at a later date to eliminate another reason why it's elevated. Occasionally the reason for the prolactin level being elevated can be a benign tumor which is treatable with medication, but it's more likely there's a reason like lack of sleep or exercise that can cause slight variations (which is why it's retested). Did they draw any other bloodwork, such as an AMH level? Good luck to you!! If we can be of any help to you, don't hesitate to contact us again at

Hi, im 39 years old and have been trying to conceive since year 2007 when i got married. Have started going to a fertility doctor in 2009 but stopped in jan 2011. April of this year, i went back to a fertility doctor who requested that i undergo blood tests on my 3rd day of menstruation. Here are the results: dhea-s (chemi) 5.75 Umol/L; testosterone 0.17 ng/mL; prolactin (chemi) 35.17 ng/mL which says high; tsh 2.600 ulU/mL; lh (chemi) 3.83 mlU/mL; fsh (chemi) 7.91 mlU/mL; estradiol (chemi) 67.79 pg/mL. Please help me interpret these results. Thanks so much.


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