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Trials Bring Joy

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Chelsea Ritchie is a down-to-earth blogger living in the Midwest who suffers from infertility due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Her diagnosis came when she was 25 after unsuccessfully attempting to start a family with her husband Josh. Since then, they have journeyed down the path of medicated cycles, IUI’s, IVF and FET’s, dealt with miscarriages and everything else in between. She remains adamant that infertility doesn’t define her and despite their 5+ year struggle, remains optimistic that there is always hope. She writes about the process of traveling up the mountains and down into the valleys, balancing in her faith and appreciation for the messiness of life, and strives to find the joy in the trial.

She tries to remain raw and authentic, celebrating the moments of happiness but also talking openly about the struggles, heartache, questions and tears that come with infertility. Aside from writing here and on her blog, her favorite things include snapping pictures, reading a good book, sending snail mail and spending time with her husband and their furbaby, a little Morkie named Cali. You can often find her in a local coffee shop and she loves meeting new friends. Connect with her through this page, on her blog or through Instagram at @chels819.


A blog by Chelsea Ritchie

My name is Chelsea and I’m just like you. I’m not a doctor, I am not a nurse. I have no medical training, although perhaps I could teach a shot injection class or two. I never saw infertility coming. When my husband Josh and I decided it was time to start a family over 5 years ago, we had no idea we would become the 1 in 8 couples who struggle.

A blog by Chelsea Ritchie, March 12, 2015

Infertility comes with such a complex mixture of emotions. If you are anything like me, it’s almost shocking to know that such a wide range of feelings can be compacted down into one heart, one mouth, one brain. My emotions sometimes remind me of a compound butter. It seems so neat when cold and molded into a little ball but then once it hits anything hot, it melts, explodes, leaks all over. Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like your emotions are just leaking all over, so many feelings adding layers of complexity? No one else feels like THIS, do they? Why am I not handling this better? Why am I melting all over the place?

A blog by Chelsea Ritchie, February 11, 2015

Ever been there? That place, that moment, when you look around the room and realize you are the only person without kids? The conversation drifts in and out as you refresh your thinking, “was up all night with johnny .. so tired .. love when they snuggle all morning … watched too much tv yesterday with them … need a night out … love them more than I knew was possible … love the boppy, although I would recommend … ” You catch snippets of conversation, knowing that you have nothing to offer and for just a moment, you want to weigh in and let your friends know these 5 things …

A blog by ChelseaRitchie, January 7, 2015

Dreams are powerful. Not just the big, fluffy goals type of dreams. Real dreams. The kind where your head hits the pillow, the stories play out in your mind and then you wake up, replaying the world you were just in.

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My husband and I have been trying to have a baby since we lost our first pregancy in 2009. Our last option to have one of our own is IVF. We have already sunk, what is left from our savings, after my many fertility surgeries, into the procedure. We hope that you can help our family grow and our dreams of being parents, come true! If the IVF procedure does not work, we have lucked into a program that will return 100% of the funds. We will be adopting with the returned monies. Here is a link to our fundraising site. We really appreciate your help!

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