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Lutenizing Hormone (LH) Test

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Lutenizing hormone (LH) is a hormone that is vital for reproduction. It is produced by your pituitary gland. LH helps regulate your menstrual cycle and ovulation. A rise in LH (called the LH surge) triggers ovulation.

Why Would You Have LH Checked?

LH can be used to determine when you are ovulating. This information can help you plan intercourse if you are trying to become pregnant.

You will probably have your LH checked if you are having trouble becoming pregnant. It gives information about your ovarian reserve. If you are not ovulating, your LH levels can help determine if it is a primary failure (failure of the ovaries themselves) or secondary failure (failure of the ovaries related to problems with the pituitary gland or hypothalamus). It can also be used to monitor your response to ovarian stimulation.

If you are not having your period or are having irregular cycles, you might have your LH checked to try to find out what the problem is. It can also help determine if you are going through menopause.

When Should You Have Your LH Levels Checked?

You should have your LH levels checked midway through your cycle (day 14 of a 28 day cycle). This is because the LH surge triggers ovulation.

What Does the LH Test Look For?

The LH test measures the amount of LH in the blood or urine.

If your LH levels are high, it could mean a number of things. High levels of LH are normal if you are in menopause. If you are younger than 40, high LH levels could suggest premature menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), or a genetic or congenital condition that affects the production of hormones. High levels at times outside of the LH surge can interfere with ovulation and menstruation, contributing to infertility.

If your LH levels are low, you will usually not be having your period. Because LH triggers ovulation, low levels of LH can prevent ovulation and thus pregnancy. Low levels of LH are common in women with eating disorders, female athlete triad, high levels of stress and disorders of the pituitary or hypothalamus.

LH testing is usually done in conjunction with other hormone tests such as FSH, testosterone, estradiol and progesterone. The results of these other tests will help determine next steps.


Comments (61)

I got a blood test because no dr seems to know what is going on. I'm 41 had my first child almost four years ago and have felt bad and off ever since. I was told it was my hormones so I had pellet therapy in February and no change if anything. I just paid for my own blood work and got back FSH 5.0 cortisol 9.8 estradiol 78 LH 4.4 and progesterone <0.5. So confused

I'm sorry you are not feeling well. Have you seen a reproductive endocrinologist? She or he may be able to help you sort things out. Or you might want to see a doctor for a second opinion. Let me know if you'd like additional information. Best, Claire

I am 20 old female and my LH is 0.6% and my FSH is 2.1% and my Estradiol is 10%. I have been three years without period. Please tell me what I have to do to make my period come in again. :(

You should consult a fertility doctor for an accurate diagnosis. Please give us a call at 855-955-BABY and we will help you connect with a fertility doctor near you. Regards, Claire

Hi, I recently have had a blood test on day 2 and 23 of my cycle and it has come back with very low LH, not enough to ovulate. My period is also 4 days late and pregnancy tests are coming back negative. I have never been late! Any ideas?

I got blood test. Lh is low..I have ovarian cysts. I have been trying for baby for 6 months. .I am not getting. .I am worried. .

I am 35 old female and my LH is 4.2 mIU/ml on third day of period and my FSH is 8.59 and am trying to concieve. Please tell me what does my these levels of FSH &LH indicate? Am very confused and worried.

I have been suffering with hot flushes and night sweats I'm 27 yrs old so thought I would be to young for menopause but I am having regular periods and they are really heavy losing clots is this normal? I went for a blood test and it has come back that my LH levels where low does this sound right and what is this anything to worry about?

It is the day 16 missing my period. And my FSH is 7.04 and L.H is 20.32 Can u please suggest?

I had a blood test on cycle day 21 and my results say my lh is normal, does that mean iam ovulating as I have been off the depo injection for 21 months?


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