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10 Questions to Ask Your Fertility Doctor

Will you be seeing a fertility doctor for the first time? Here's a list of 10 questions you may want to ask him or her.

  1. What are the possible reasons why we haven’t been able to get pregnant?
  2. Are there any lifestyle risk factors I should avoid in order to help me in trying to get pregnant?
  3. What kind of fertility tests do you recommend?
  4. What kind of fertility treatment should we try first? Does this treatment involve surgery, fertility drugs or both?
  5. What kind of side effects are there to this fertility treatment?
  6. In your experience at this fertility clinic, how often does this fertility treatment lead to pregnancy? How often does it lead to live birth?
  7. What are the risks of multiple pregnancies or multiple births with this fertility treatment?
  8. How many cycles of this fertility treatment should we try before moving on to another option?
  9. What is the cost of this fertility treatment?
  10. What kinds of payment options does your fertility clinic offer?

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