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2.1 Kids?

It seems we Americans haven't been doing our part in replacing ourselves with 2.1 children per family. From 2010-2011, we fell down into the 1.9 range. Demographers attribute it to a poor economy, but you have to wonder if there are other factors at play (the environment, obesity trends, etc.) that are contributing to declining fertility.

The good news is that hiring, housing, consumer spending and manufacturing all appear to be improving, according to reports. So, if you've been delaying getting started on your family due to economic uncertainty, now may be the time to get going on those plans. (And don't forget, when you delay, you can't put a freeze on the body's — and ovaries — aging process.)

To get started on your baby-making plans — and be more efficient with your time — check out FertilityAuthority's sections on Fertility Boosters and Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation.

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