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Black Friday Fears

Some people love getting up in the middle of the night and heading out to stand in the Black Friday lines for unheard of deals on the latest tech toy to surprise their spouses with during the holidays. Others — not so much.

If you're one of the others — and particularly if you're looking at 2013 as your year to get pregnant — have no fear! Just check out FertilityAuthority's Guide to Fertility Friendly Holiday Gifts for Your Man. From underwear that keeps the important parts cool to BPA-free water bottles, we tell you why you need it and where you can find it online. (So you don't even have to leave your house!)

While you're checking things off your list, check out our newest tool for finding a fertility doctor in your area. You can rest assured that we've done our homework. All of the doctors come highly recommended by Fertility Authority and we can even do the scheduling for you! Now you have even more time for scoring some online shopping deals and recovering from your turkey hangover.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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