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Boise, ID, Fertility Guide

If you have been struggling trying to conceive, you may wonder if you should see a fertility doctor. Current guidelines recommend you see a fertility doctor if you’ve tried without success to get pregnant for one year if you’re under 35 or for six months if you’re over 35. There is one fertility clinic in Idaho, which is located in the city of Boise.

There are many considerations you should keep in mind when choosing a fertility doctor. One way to help make your fertility doctor decision is to schedule an infertility consultation with the doctors you are considering. This is important because it allows you to meet with the doctors face to face, giving you the opportunity to meet them and ask any questions you may have about their treatment philosophies or areas of specialization.

The fertility clinic in Idaho is a full-service clinic that can help you from diagnosis through treatment. It offers a comprehensive approach for male and female infertility, simple treatments like ovarian stimulation and intrauterine insemination (IUI), and more complex treatments like IVF, ICSI, PGD, egg donation, and surrogacy.

There are currently no laws on the books that deal with surrogacy in Idaho, but case law seems to indicate that surrogacy agreements would be permitted. If you intend to use surrogacy in Idaho, it is important you talk first with a reproductive law attorney, who can help make sure your rights are protected throughout the process.

Fertility treatment costs can be steep, and they are a source of stress for many patients. While Idaho does not have an infertility insurance mandate in place that requires coverage for fertility treatments, some private insurance plans may offer some coverage.

There are also some discount programs in place that can help you save money. The IVFAdvantage program is a multi-cycle IVF discount program that can cut your IVF costs, while EggBanxx can help you save 20 percent off the cost of egg freezing for fertility preservation.

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