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Can a Cough Help You Conceive?

It’s that time again: Cold Season. No one wants to be sick but if you’re trying to conceive, there are anecdotal stories that suggest there may be a way to capitalize on that cough!

Cold and cough products contain an ingredient called Guaifenesin, which is found in medications such as Robitussin, Mucinex and other expectorants. The theory is that Guaifenesin won’t create more mucus but rather, it will loosen and thin the cervical mucus you have making it easier for sperm to swim upstream.

It’s important to mention that antihistamines, can have the opposite effect and dry up your cervical mucus so be careful which medicine you choose!

Aside from the fact that when you have a cold, you may not really be in the mood to conceive, the “cough syrup cervical mucus connection” hasn’t been proven. If you are concerned about your cervical mucus or about conceiving, the best thing to do is to consult a fertility doctor.

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