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Chicago, IL, Fertility Guide


Thanks to Giuliana Rancic, the E! news host and Chicago resident, Chicago fertility clinics have been in the news recently. And with good reason—some of the top fertility doctors in the country are based in Chicago. If you live in the Chicago area and are struggling with infertility, you will also be excited to know that, according to the most recent Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) report, Illinois is home to 27 fertility clinics.

Twenty-four of these fertility clinics are in the greater Chicago area. A number of fertility clinics on the north side of Chicago also serve the Milwaukee area. Many fertility clinics offer satellite offices in suburbs around the city to ensure that you have easy access to them for regular appointments. This large number of fertility clinics gives you a tremendous number of options for choosing the fertility doctor and fertility clinic that provides you with the best set of treatment options—and best chances of you conceiving.

Most Chicago fertility clinics offer a fairly standard set of fertility treatment options, including IVF. A handful offer more experimental or new fertility treatments, so if you’re interested in exploring a newer option you’ll likely be able to find a fertility clinic that can help. Chicago also has no shortage of universities with medical schools. These may have fertility studies ongoing that you can participate in if you’d like to be involved with a new kind of fertility treatment.

Given recent economic turmoil, you’ll also probably be excited that Illinois law requires companies meeting certain criteria to pay for fertility treatment, including IVF. If your company does not meet these criteria, most Chicago fertility clinics offer a variety of payment options. Many also offer IVF money-back guarantees.

Fertility treatment information and statistics from individual Chicago fertility clinics are available in the most recent Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Report, which is compiled by the CDC.