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Circle of Empty Arms

Wanting your heart's desire is natural. What can happen when these desires lead to deception and scandal? These wonderful fictional characters permit us to take a peek into every aspect of their lives. Jennifer has everything a rich, beautiful, happily married woman could ask for, with the exception of one thing. A baby. Her husband has always made sure she's had everything her heart desires. Will this be the exception, or will he stop at nothing to get his wife and himself what they want? Natalie has always been content with life's ups and downs. She can't understand how she has allowed herself to become so consumed with one thing. After trying unsuccessfully for five years to conceive a child, she pulls out all stops. Her motto is, "desperate times call for desperate measures." The reader will be shocked and appalled at the measures she takes to try and obtain her goal. Sara just knows she will get what she wants. The question is how. The answer will floor the reader with an unlikely solution that's right in front of her eyes. Circle of Empty Arms will enlighten and inspire readers. It will have you begging the characters to think twice before surrendering to dreadful decisions, and sympathizing with them when those decisions turn into disasters. Most of all it will make you smile, laugh, and shout with joy when these corky characters triumph.