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Denver, CO, Fertility Guide


If you have struggled trying to conceive, it may be time to see a Denver fertility doctor. You have a number of options for choosing a fertility clinic in Denver. There are eight fertility clinics located throughout the state of Colorado, including five fertility clinics located right in the Denver area.

The fertility clinics in Denver are well-established and many have been operating for more than two decades. These Denver fertility clinics offer a full range of fertility services, ranging from comprehensive fertility tests to basic fertility treatments. Denver fertility clinics also offer assisted reproductive technology options to provide cutting-edge care to its patients. These fertility treatments include IVF, PGD, and egg donation.

There are five fertility clinic options located in Denver, so what is the best way to make your decision? Choosing a fertility clinic in Denver should be based on a number of factors, including areas of expertise and types of diagnoses treated. You may also want to take fertility clinic success rates into consideration, though it is important to understand that they may not always reflect the most accurate picture of the fertility clinic.

If you are considering an assisted reproductive technology procedure, you may want to familiarize yourself with Denver law. Like many states, Colorado does not have explicit laws that deal with surrogacy. However, Colorado does have a law on assisted reproduction, which states that a husband of a couple who conceives a child through donor sperm can be considered the child’s natural father, and the mother of a child conceived through egg donation can be considered the child’s natural mother. Before you begin the surrogacy process, be sure to consult with a Denver reproductive law attorney.

Fertility doctors in Denver are active in the field of infertility research, and have pioneered new fertility treatments to better serve the needs of their patients. Patients in Denver are also able to take part in infertility clinical trials.

You can find information on Denver fertility clinic success rates, fertility treatments offered, and conditions treated in the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report.