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Did You Hear the One about the Sperm that Got Lost?

Last week the news covered a British study that found, essentially, that sperm have a lousy sense of direction. If scientists can learn more about the sperm that actually find their way through the cervix and fallopian tubes to get to the egg, they may be able to develop new fertility treatments for men or better select the sperm for fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).

The research also serves as a reminder that getting pregnant is just not that easy — no matter what you were told in high school.There are a zillion things that have to happen — perfectly and at the right times— for an egg to actually be ovulated, get fertilized, grow into an embryo, implant into the uterus and then "stick" and grow into a healthy baby. It really is a miracle.

And remember, men are responsible for at least half of that miracle, To learn more about male fertility and infertility, click here.

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