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Ding-Dong — Halloween Is Coming ...

In one week, it will be time for the constant ringing of the doorbell. "Trick or Treat!!" Smiling. Handing out the loot. "Oh, what a pretty little princess, angel, pony you are!"

We get tired just thinking about it.

Maybe you love Halloween, maybe you don't. Either way, If you're having trouble getting pregnant, it can be a tough holiday. And FertilityAuthority blogger Lori Shandle-Fox understands. Read on for her latest blog:

Infertile? Don't Let Halloween Scare You

If you've been trying to get pregnant for a while and you're dreading Halloween, you're not crazy or weird.

You're also not the only one.

If you tell people you don't like Thanksgiving or Christmas because it's hard for you to be around family — especially family with kids — that might sound reasonable. But try telling them you want to spend Halloween with all the lights off (both indoors and outdoors), alone in bed under the blankets with the $22 worth of Halloween candy you bought. They might think you're nuttier than your 40 little yellow packs of peanut M & M's.

The truth is: Anything can trigger you feeling down when you're having difficulty getting pregnant. And why wouldn’t a holiday that's often all about kids make you feel that way?

Halloween isn't just one day either. There are the weeks prior to it filled with hay rides, apple picking and pumpkin patches. There are dozens of autumn events that are geared toward families and escort us right up to October 31.

But there are some easy ways to navigate Halloween: Read more.

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