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The DNA Transcript

I am the Director of Genetic Counseling for a bioinformatics company, GenePeeks, Inc. Prior to my work at GenePeeks, I specialized in reproductive genetic counseling at a public hospital. I am passionate about genetics and genetics education.

This blog will be dedicated to reproductive genetics.

Please feel free to make requests for topics of future blog pieces.


A blog by Regine Lim, August 22, 2014

Note: This is a three part blog series on screening and diagnostic testing for Down Syndrome. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Finally, we’ve reached diagnostic testing – the only way to know for sure if a pregnancy is affected with Down syndrome or countless other genetic conditions. Do not forget that the choice to complete a diagnostic test is entirely yours.

A blog by Regine Lim, July 11, 2014

You’re pregnant! You’ve just heard your baby’s heartbeat for the first time, and your doctor wants you back in the office in one week to screen for Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.

At this stage screening tests are non-invasive – typically, a simple blood test – meaning there’s almost no risk to your pregnancy. They provide a likelihood that your pregnancy is affected. In the next post I’ll talk about diagnostic tests, which are definitive but also more risky. If a flag is raised during screening some women will choose to get diagnostic testing.

holding baby hand

A blog by Regine Lim, May 23, 2014

So, you’re ready to have a baby. You’re reducing stress. You’re giving up wine and taking folic acid religiously. Like most women preparing to conceive, you’re doing everything you can to maximize the health of your future baby.

Just as pregnancy itself is complex, so are the methods of protecting your baby’s health. A key player in the health of your future children – and one that is often overlooked – is genetics.

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hi regine, i saw your blog post about genetics. YAHOO.. family history is so important. please mention genetic counselors in your blog and that genetic counseling is so important to understand the family history and any risks involved. thanks! amy vance, MS, CGC licensed and board certified genetic counselor Bay Area Genetic Counseling

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