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Donor Egg Considerations

If your fertility doctor tells you that your best chances of a successful pregnancy would be with donor eggs, this can incredibly overwhelming for a couple. Deciding to conceive via egg donation is not a decision made lightly. Counselors and therapists can help you sort through the emotions experienced, as well as the process and steps involved in an egg donation cycle.

Some feel strongly about continuing attempts at in vitro fertilization with your own eggs, and that's OK. Blogger Traci Shahan explores this very topic in two recent blogs: For Love, Not Money and Forge Ahead with the Right Fertility Treatment for You. Some fertility clinics employ fertility treatment protocols that can improve your chances of success when your eggs are not optimal.

If you are an older women (50 plus) considering egg donation, there is good news. According to a new Columbia University Medical Center study, older women are not at an elevated risk for developing obstetrical complications when compared to their younger counterparts (42 and younger) using egg donation.

Egg donation is a personal decision, and there are many considerations. FertilityAuthority is here to help with articles, blogs, videos and FertileThoughts forums on the egg donation topic.

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Partner & I have been told that her eggs are poor quality (she's 42) & low qty (IVF harvested 12 over 4 cycles). So Egg donor route (my sperm) is recommended.

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