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Is Embryo Adoption Right for You?

In an age of advanced reproductive technology, embryo adoption is a way in which a family can experience an adoption journey that includes pregnancy and childbirth.

Embryos available for adoption are usually fertilized eggs that remain from another couple's in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. The couple had extra embryos that they had frozen, but they have decided not to use them. Instead, they have chosen to donate the embryos.

Embryo adoption may be a lower cost alternative for families considering international or domestic adoption. People who have remaining frozen embryos legally agree to release them to another couple. If working through an embryo adoption agency, a process is used to match the donor and adopter based on preferences each has provided on their application form. It is important, of course, to receive the appropriate legal counsel and psychological counsel when considering embryo adoption.

For more information about embryo adoption, check out this video: Where Do Frozen Embryos Come From?

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