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Fairytale Ending

Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a beautiful princess and her adoring but not-so-fertile husband. The two lived in a beautiful palace and had many blessings cast upon them.

One day, the princess and prince decided it was time to start a family so they tried … and tried … and tried again. The princess was crushed when no pregnancy arrived, and her (not so evil but opinionated) stepmother advised them to consult a fertility doctor. The doctor casts some magic on them and made the princess and prince take special fertility potions and try many different fertility procedures.

After a long time, baby dust happened, and the princess healed from the pain of infertility and a broken heart. The princess and prince decided that no matter what, they would never let infertility hurt their lives again and with that decision, they lived happily ever after.

Sometimes we all have to believe that our own fairytale happy endings will come true too!

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