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Fantasy Sperm Ball

Jake: What is this? Fantasy football?
Cooper: Fantasy sperm ball.

If' you're watching "Private Practice" this season and following Addison's journey through in vitro fertilization (IVF), you may have seen last week's funny scene in which she tries to pick a sperm donor with the help of three male doctors in the practice. With a "fantasy sperm board," the doctors weigh the pros and cons of the geologist, the musician, the Ph.D. and the Greek (Addison's skin is so pale; this way the baby wouldn't have to worry about melanoma, one doctor remarks).

Realistic? We're not so sure. Addison's fertility doctor tells her the sperm donor doesn't really matter, and she ends up hurrying to choose one after she finds out she's made four eggs.

If you are choosing a sperm donor, it's a significant decision that should be made carefully. Yes, there has been much in the news lately about free sperm donation, but is it really the wisest choice? And certainly, you don't want to pick your sperm donor under the pressure of egg retrieval.

This is where a sperm bank comes in to help you feel secure in its screening process. To find out more, read Is Free Sperm Donation Safe? in which Cappy Rothman, M.D., co-founder and medical director of California Cryobank, discusses the sperm donor screening process, which may be more difficult than getting into Harverd.

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