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Feeling the Holiday Spirit ...

Some people are just full of the holiday spirit. Their cards go out right after Thanksgiving. Their presents are purchased and wrapped by the first weekend in December. They decorate their houses and host office parties and intimate gatherings of friends as they sail through the holidays humming carols with a smile on their face.

And then there are the rest of us ..,

Last-minute shopping, traffic, boxes of decorations we just didn't have time to get to, and a stack of cards on our dining room table that we just haven't had time to address yet. Top all that off with news like our FSH is high or the diagnosis is polycystic ovarian syndrome or the IVF failed, and we may want to hide under the covers until after New Year's Day.

Don't be afraid to take a break from the holidays — sometimes the stress and pressure can be self-induced. If you don't send holiday cards out this year, your friends and family will most likely NOT delete you off their card lists. If you choose to give gift cards instead of agonizing over the perfect present, everyone will be just as thankful. And if you skip a holiday gathering because you are not in the mood to answer people's questions about why you are not getting pregnant, it will probably be OK.

Take some time out from the hustle and bustle this week. Run a bubble bath, set the iPod to Michael Buble Christmas carols and relax with some aromatherapy and a good book. You might even be up for facing the mall afterwards.

And for advice on how to get through the holidays, check out FertilityAuthority's Holiday Infertility Survival Guide.

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