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Fertility Guide: Greenville, SC


If you are looking for a fertility clinic in Greenville, South Carolina, you have several options. There are two fertility clinics located directly in Greenville, and a total of four fertility clinics located throughout the state of South Carolina. These fertility clinics are either independently run or associated with established hospital systems. Along with these South Carolina fertility clinics, there are also options located in nearby North Carolina cities.

So what’s the best way to choose a Greenville fertility clinic? There are several factors you should consider, such as the conditions each fertility clinic treats and the areas of expertise of each fertility doctors. It is important to choose a fertility clinic that has experience treating your specific condition and your specific age group. While it may be tempting to choose based on fertility clinic success rates, they may not necessarily give you the most accurate picture.

The Greenville fertility clinics offer a full range of infertility services, including fertility tests for diagnostics, basic fertility treatments like IUI or ovulation induction, and more advanced options like egg donation and embryo donation. The fertility clinics offer treatment for female infertility, male infertility, and other conditions of reproductive health.

Fertility treatment costs are a worry for many patients, since more than one cycle or course of treatment is often necessary. While some individual insurance plans do provide some coverage, the state of South Carolina does not have an infertility insurance mandate in place. Currently, there are 15 states that have an infertility insurance mandate that requires insurance companies to offer coverage or provide coverage for fertility treatment costs.

The infertility treatment process can be very complex, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the resources out there to help you. Greenville is home to a number therapists who specialize in infertility therapy and are members of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. There are also attorneys in Greenville who specialize in reproductive technology law and can help you navigate through the surrogacy process.

You can find information on Greenville fertility clinic success rates, fertility treatments offered, and conditions treated in the Assisted Reproductive Technology Report.