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Fertility Guide: Long Island, NY


New York is home to one of the largest concentrations of fertility clinics, boasting more than 30 throughout the state. Small in size but dense in population, Long Island offers a number of fertility clinics right in its own backyard. There are five fertility clinics in Long Island, offering everything from basic fertility treatments to more advanced assisted reproduction options. These fertility clinics are either independently run or operate in conjunction with local hospitals or medical systems.

With five Long Island fertility clinics , how can you choose the best fertility clinic for your particular situation? No two fertility clinics are alike. Some may specialize in treating certain conditions, while others may have fertility doctors on staff who are experts in particular procedures. You can schedule an infertility consultation with a fertility doctor on staff to get an idea of what your fertility treatment plan may entail. You may also want to consider logistic concerns, such as whether a fertility clinic offers evening or weekend hours, or if it is an easy, quick commute.

Long Island fertility clinics boast board-certified fertility doctors who are leaders in the field of infertility. They offer a wide variety of treatments like fertility medications and artificial insemination, as well as more advanced options like egg donation, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Others offer other options such as fertility preservation, such as elective egg freezing or preservation for cancer patients before undergoing chemotherapy.

According to New York law, surrogacy agreements are considered void and against public policy. Long Island residents considering using surrogacy must choose a surrogate who resides in another state. Because of the New York surrogacy laws, it is vital you retain the services of a reproductive law attorney before you begin the process. Your lawyer can help explain the legal process to you and make sure you follow New York law.

You may have heard that fertility treatments can be expensive, so it is only natural to wonder how that cost may affect you. New York does have an infertility insurance mandate in place, which requires insurance plans to provide coverage for some infertility treatments. This law excludes coverage for IVF procedures.

For more information on the fertility clinics in Long Island, such as success rates or conditions treated, you can consult the CDC’s Assisted Reproductive Technology Report.