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Fertility Lucky Charms

On your journey to conceive, your doctor’s advice is always paramount. However, if along the way you’d like to indulge in a few lucky charms or folklore, here are a few fun ones that allegedly hold positive fertility powers. It’s a great distraction from fertility issues… especially when you’re killing time during your two week wait:

  • Kokopelli: Kokopelli is a common Native American traditional figure among the Hopi and Zuni people and is a symbol of abundance and fertility.
  • St. Gerard: If you’re religious, you might want to check out St. Gerard. He is the unofficial patron saint of mothers, expectant mothers, and women desiring motherhood.
  • Eggs: In traditional folk religion, the Egg is a powerful symbol of fertility. In England, a gift of a white Egg is considered lucky, but a brown Egg, not only brings luck, but happiness as well.
  • Cowery shell: This shell is believed to increase fertility and serve as an aphrodisiac. They are often in bracelets and necklaces.
  • Horseshoe: The horseshoe is considered a lucky symbol in English custom. The crescent or “U” shape is often said to be the symbol of fertility and also possesses power to ward off evil spirit.
  • Ripley's Fertility Statues: In Orlando, Florida, Ripley's claims that hundreds of women became pregnant after touching the statues. The statues are on display at the museum's headquarters in Orlando.
  • Rose quartz: This stone has been credited with increasing both creativity and fertility.
  • And of course, if you have any lucky charms you’d like to share, please check out FertileThoughts where you can swap stories of what worked for you!

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