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Finding Peace During Stressful Times

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, many women who are being treated for infertility have as much stress as women who are being treated for cancer or heart disease. Infertility can bring some very dark days.

In her latest blog, Finding the Zen Moments, Suzanne Rico talks about the similarities between how she has felt during her struggle with infertility and how she feels during her mother's diagnosis of cancer. She reminds us that it is healthy, smart and strong to on some days forget your troubles and have a "zen moment."

When experiencing infertility, realize that you are not alone. There are ways to ease your stress, support groups and counseling available. And here's some good news to ease your mind. Two separate studies have found that women with anxiety or depression symptoms were just as likely as others to become pregnant via IVF or by conceiving naturally.

For more information, visit FertilityAuthority's Infertility Support section.

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