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Flu Vaccine for Fertility Patients?

We all know somebody who swears they came down with the flu after they got their flu shot or eschews getting it every year because she "never gets the flu." And if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, you probably think twice (or three times) before you willingly head to the doctor's office or pharmacy to get stuck.

Rest assured, the flu shot is safe for pregnant women.

Getting a flu vaccination while pregnant will not cause a miscarriage and has the added bonus of protecting newborns from the flu for months after birth. New data on the safety and effectiveness of the flu vaccine were presented at the annual meeting of the Infectious Diseases Society of America in Boston, and the news is very reassuring. Doctors say pregnant women should receive the flu vaccine as soon as it becomes available.

But what about patients who are undergoing fertility treatment? Dr. Beth Hartog, a fertility doctor with East Coast Fertilitiy & IVF, recommends fertility patients also get the shot in her latest blog. Read it here.

Just what you need, right? Another shot. At least it's not a daily!

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